current kitchen trends 2021

Current Kitchen Trends

Here are our ten top kitchen trends for 2021 and how you can incorporate them into your home. Trends change, but the impact they have certainly doesn’t. Although trends in areas like food and fashion simply come and go and

modern home decor living room

Living, Dining & Entrance

The common areas of the home such as the hall, living and dining room link together your décor theme. This is where you welcome and entertain guests, showing the first glimpse of the interior design of your home. Here I

2021 bathroom remodel ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Hello! You’ve come to the right place for bathroom decorating ideas. We have budget friendly ways for you to update your bathroom without breaking the bank, DIY bathroom remodel ideas that are simple and affordable, and small bathroom makeover ideas

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100 Easy Home Office Decorating Tips to Improve Organisation, Productivity and Design

Is your home office hidden under piles of files and random objects you dont know where to put? Maybe your home office is a tiny space in the corner of the bedroom or you've been working from the kitchen table?

What ever the reason, I'm glad your here :)

I've compiled a list of 100 home office decorating tips to improve your home office design, organisation and productivity.

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Choosing the Perfect Wall Colour for Teenage Bedrooms

Your teen is unique and they need a space that reflects that when it comes to designing their bedroom. Choosing bold wall colours is a great way to do this but having too much strong colour in a space designed for sleep can go very wrong.

How to choose the perfect wall colour for your teenagers bedroom?

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Cheap Ways To Update Your Living Room

How to update your living room on a budget? Updating your living room doesn’t have to be expensive. Get crafty and create your own decor, refresh your current furniture or cover up with throws and cushions rather than replace.

Try your hand at creating your own unique art.

Make your DIY craft look professional in a simple affordable frame. This doesn’t have to be complicated and one of the benefits of doing this is that the colours can be matched perfectly to your decor. 

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Top 4 Interior Design Trends for Winter 2021

As we settle into the new normal of  2021 we’re becoming increasingly house proud with more of us working and spending time at home.  Re-invent your home with the latest decor and interior design trends for 2021.

Luxury black kitchen cabinetry, Cozy mid century modern living, Spanish colonial interior design, Shades of green.

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7 Ideas for Decorating Bathrooms in Your Home

We’ve all heard the saying that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. The home decorator’s ultimate challenge is to create a bathroom that meets your practical needs but also makes the property stand out. While there is no right or wrong there are some general tips that can make this task easier.

Let’s take a look at how you can create a stylish yet functional bathroom.

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4 Smart ways to use Bifold Doors

What are bifold doors?

Bifolds or concertina doors are partitioned segments that fold up rather than slide to open up the whole doorway. The slide and fold design is becoming more popular than sliding doors due to their convenience. They generally come in pairs and open from the centre, folding outwards giving full access to the opening.

They can be inserted into a track or trackless, trackless bifold doors are usually more affordable but don’t stay aligned with the door frame as well as tracked bifold doors.

Here we cover some of the popular exterior and interior bifold door uses.

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