100 Easy Home Office Decorating Tips to Improve Organisation, Productivity and Design

100 Easy Home Office Decorating Tips to Improve Organisation, Productivity and Design

Is your home office hidden under piles of files and random objects you dont know where to put?

Maybe your home office is a tiny space in the corner of the bedroom or you’ve been working from the kitchen table?

What ever the reason, I’m glad your here 🙂

I’ve compiled a list of 100 home office decorating tips to improve your home office design, organisation and productivity.

Home Office Decorating Tips for Organisation

Vertical Wall Storage

1.For small home offices use the wall space rather than sprawling your office outwards. Here are some ways to utilise the wall space above your desk.

Types of vertical wall storage:

2. Pin up boards

3. Open shelving

4. Tackable wall panels (use foam padding on a board and cover with fabric)

home office pin up board diy
This pin board is by Athena Calderone, check out her DIY tutorial. Image credit : Eye-swoon

5. Try using a magnetic knife strip for scissors, paper clips, bull dog clips, metal rulers.

6. Hooks mounted of the wall in front of your desk for headphones cables and cords. Consider bathroom towel hooks which can come in trendy designs and large enough for long cords.

7. Magnetic memo boards.

8. Magazine racks mounted to the wall

9. If you prefer writing lists and reminders by hand consider this old school yet stylish idea; mount a large paper roll to the wall and let the ideas flow!

10. If you’re feeling craft try DIYing wall storage made from old books

11. Wall mounted bar with sliding hooks for hanging space

12. Create a chalk board wall with chalk board paint

13. Install a peg board, then you can chop and change from open shelving or hooks to test what works best for you.

Home office space savers pegboard
Home office pegboard for making use of wall space : Amazon

Desk Organisation Tips

14. Tuck the keyboard away with a roll away, under desk keyboard tray

15. Use under desk cabinets that tuck away in used space.

16. Stack up some stylish paper trays in gold or rose gold

17. Hide monitor cables with an under desk power board basket

How to hide monitor cables under desk

18. Tidy up cords and chargers on the cheap with this bulldog clip hack.

19. If on a budget, another zero cost storage hack is using cereal boxes to make drawer dividers. Cover with fabric or wrapping paper for a hidden pop of colour.

Home Office Ergonomics Tips

20. Some monitor stands can be attached directly to the desk to free up more desktop space (and of course set the monitor at the right height so you stop getting neck pain and headaches!)

21. Are you a chronic leg crosser? Ease up the stress on your hips with an adjustable height foot rest.

22. Bling up your desk with this marbled, geometric pattern wrist wrest.

Clearing the Clutter

23. Minimise clutter- a clear space creates a clear mind. We all know this tip in theory but I’m the first to admit I have to trick myself into dealing with clutter. I put my headphones in, put on a motivational podcast and grab a bin to clear out all the paperwork and random stuff that collects in my office.

24. If tackling the whole office mess at one is too overwhelming, pick three small things everyday and throw them out or put them in a box by the door. If you haven’t needed them by the end of the week then they go to the bin, you will feel liberated 🙂

25. Hide items that look dishevelled when out in the open with cubbies and decorative boxes.

26. Keep a donation bin and electrical recycling bin for chargers, excess office supplies and that mouse you don’t like using but has lived in your drawer for the past 2 years.

27. Label maker. These are surprisingly addictive and will bring out the Martha Stewart in you haha! Label all the boxes, cubbies and boxes to find everything quick & easily.

28. Floor to ceiling built in storage:

29. Consider cabinetry that spans the floor to ceiling, cabinets that stop at standard height make the room feel smaller. Having the cabinetry run all the way to the ceiling draws the eye upwards and makes the space feel larger. It also allows plenty of room to hide away all your office needs if you’re working in a multi-use space like the living room.

30. Start going digital. Subscribe to online storage such as drop box or google drive and stop accumulating more paper!

Clever Cabinetry

31. Make it easy to file everything away with filing cabinets or labelled baskets. The more you have to think about where to store things the less likely you are to put them away. Labelling baskets is great for getting other family members involved in clearing the chaos too!

Hopefully this will stop the “MUM! Where is the ……? “ question some of us get 10 times a day.

32. Organise drawers with sectioned trays like in the kitchen utensil drawer. How much time do you spend looking for ‘that’ pen? These draw dividers help group pens, pencils and markers so you can find everything quickly!

trolley for organising home office
Use a roll away trolley to set up printing
station. It can be rolled back in to
cupboard, out of site when not needed.

33. Create a printing station. Assign a cabinet to the printer, paper, cartridges and cords. Make it easy to find everything you need and hide everything away just as quick as you found it.

34. Colour code your filing to find the section you need quickly.

35. Add a pull-out shelf to low shelves to make them easier to use.

36. Maximise storage with skinny shelf units that slot into awkward narrow spaces.

37. ‘Disturb me at …am/pm’ signage. Are you getting constant knocks at the door and kids running into the office while you’re working?

Rather than the ‘Do not disturb’ sign try making it obvious when people can interrupt. Set focus and break times so your family knows when you should be coming out of your den and giving your brain a break!

38. Customised wall calendar

39. If working in a shared office have your own designated storage spaces. Getting my husband to put away his mail…. or throw out his mail… or even open his mail is like pulling teeth! But he knows mail thats left out for week will be put in his storage space for him to sort out. Sorry for the rant lol!

40. If your working is a spare bedroom, make use of the wardrobe with a hanging closet organiser. Go for a clear version so you can see what’s stored in each pocket.

Home Office Decorating Tips for Design

Small Study Spaces

41. Turn an alcove into an office, utilise that awkward space in your home by building in a custom desk and shelving.

42. If you just need occasional desk space a fold down work desk is a good option.

43. Study nook. Office set ups don’t need to take up a lot of space. Install a bench-top into a nook with some open shelving that can double as a versatile storage area if it no longer needs to be an office.

How to Create a Home Office When You Have No Space

Feature Walls

48. Decorate your office space without creating clutter by using wall decals.

49. Colour blocking feature wall art.

50. If your renting you probably wont be able to
paint the wall or apply wall paper so try these
geometric colour blocked wall decals from Amazon.

51. To add colour and texture to the space consider create a feature wall with wallpaper. There are natural look patterns like exposed brick and wooden panels or modern geometric designs. There are beautiful designs available in peel and stick type wall paper so its super easy to apply.

51. Wallpaper has become easier to apply, no
wallpaper glue needed.
These are peel and stick designs available from Amazon

52. Colour for focus and motivation. A study published in Sage journals investigated how colour can level out emotions and change our mood. Green has a calming, relaxing effect. Warm tones arouse the senses as opposed to shades of blue which assists focus.

53. For a functional feature wall create a cork board wall.

54. Create a functional feature wall with stick on cork tiles.


55. Choose an office chair that serves you and your body! A good office chair supports your lower back and adjusts to the right height.

56. This filing cabinet disguised as a bench serves as an extra space to sit.

57. Minimise the amount of furniture you need to buy by making a desk from two cabinets. Make sure the cabinets are around standard desk height (28-30 inches) and lay the bench-top across the two. Benchtops can be bought ready made from Bunnings and Ikea.

58. For a minimal space solution, mount a box desk to the wall.

Fold away desk for small space
59. These folding desks completely compact to a
small box on the wall so are great if your desk needs
to fit in your bedroom.

60. Re-arrange. If your workspace is feeling stale try re-arranging the layout. Move the desk so your not facing a wall or move the cabinets and shelving to the other side of the room so you are forced to get up and stretch your legs.

61. To help plan the layout of your home office and check if new purchases will fit in your space try the free floor plan and office design app from Ikea.

62. Allow enough space around your desk to access drawers and move your chair freely. Allow 1.5m behind your desk.

63. If your home office is part of the living room use folding room dividers to separate your space

64. If you’re renting you are probably limited to installing storage and shelving on the walls. Use a tall organiser that leans against the wall instead like this 5 shelf wall ladder.

65. Hide cords. There isn’t a lot we can do to hide our tech (ie monitors ) but hiding cords makes the room feel clearer.

66. Organise your books by colour. This is a no-cost design tip. If you have open shelving and your bookshelves just never seem to look like the display rooms at Ikea try this tip.

67. Decorating an office with no windows? If you don’t have any windows the lighting is really important. Set up the 3 types of lighting (described in *this post*) so that you can adjust the brightness and focus to your needs. Large mirrors will also help bounce the light around the room and make it feel more spacious.

68. Add décor that makes you happy; photos of places you’ve been and motivation to get to the places you’re dreaming of going.

69. Inspirational stick on wall decal from Amazon.

70. For small desks use a clamp on light to maximise the free space.

71. Add a floor rug to soften the space and bring the seperate furniture together.

72. Functional & beautiful décor. Your office space doesn’t need to be bland, add a decorative desk light or inspiring artwork.

73. Add a feeling of luxury. When you sit in a velvety office chair with a classy desk it just wont feel right working in your track pants 🙂

74. Letter boards. Make your own inspirational or motivational message.


75. Window film. If you have distracting neighbours try applying a window treatment that lets the light in but blocks out the distraction like this frosted window film.

76. Choose shutters than can be angled to let in the light without having the visual distractions

77. Or soften the office space with luxurious curtains

Home Office Decorating Tips to Improve Productivity

Home office design tips
52. Choose colours that promote focus
and motivation.

78. Add art that inspires your end game. Are you working to afford an amazing beach holiday or a big beautiful house? Find artwork that reminds you of your why and  keeps you on track to meeting your goals.

79. Let there be light!! Having the right lighting will lift your mood and improve your productivity. Checkout the three types of lighting in this post “Living room lighting how to get the placement right”. Warm lighting makes people feel relaxed an d calm but for an office space cool, bright lighting is best.

80. Natural light. Position the desk near a window if possible, this will give your eyes a well needed break from the screen.

81. Stand up. Sit-stand desks don’t need to be bulky or expensive, an adjustable desktop can sit on top of your existing desk. This will help both physically and mentally by helping your focus and mixing up your posture.

82. Add a personal touch. Working from home means your office space doesn’t have to meet strict office place norms where you pretend you dont have a personal life! Let your home office or study reflect who you are. Get your favourite photo printed onto a canvas or accessories with quirky desk accessories.

83. Add a comfy chair. There are times that you just need to get out of that office chair! A comfy chair will give you the space to take 5 without leaving your space and getting distracted.

84. Mount a white board on the wall to tick off your tasks and stay motivated.

85. Or stay on track with a planner. These can be large wall style planners or small desk planners.

Get in the Zone with Music.

87. Feeling locked away in the office? Improve the mood and make the space more welcoming by putting on soothing background music. Dock your phone into the speaker and set pick a study playlist on Spotify. Having your phone out of sight on a bookshelf will also help minimise distractions, out of sight – out of mind.

88. If you find music is overstimulating try nature sounds like flowing water. This will dull the silence and create a sense of calm.

Shelf above power point for phone or
speaker from Amazon.

87. Create your bubble with noise cancelling headphones. If your home office is an extension of the kitchen bench or lounge room then noise cancelling headphones are a priceless investment. I have a pair of Bose QC Comfort headphones that I use when ever I’m in my work office to block out all the chat.

88. Wall outlet shelf for speaker. Minimise the cords trailing to your desk with a shelf above the power outlet.

89. Stimulate your senses. Essential oils can improve mental focus. Either try a blend specially for study or try individual oils targeted for anxiety (sweet orange), concentration (rosemary) or boosting energy (peppermint). 

90. Temperature. The ideal room temperature for focus is between 72-74 degree Fahrenheit so set the thermostat for peak performance.

91. Suffering from eye strain? Antiglare screen cover are cheap and effective.

92. Add a space for Fido. Our pets lower our stress levels but did you know they can also increase your productivity? A study by Virginia Commonwealth University has shown lots of benefits to having your furry friend by you side while working so make a special space for them in your office.

93. Clear the desk, remove everything that distracts you. There are obvious things like your mobile but also remove that to-do list thats constantly reminding you of the other 10 things you have to get done this week…. Focus on one thing at a time!

Break your focus time into small
acheivable tasks and put on a timer
… or use this retro hour glass.

94. Hour glass or timer. I’m most productive when I work for short, focused intervals. Pomodoro timer works by setting a timer count down with a specific task but this retro hour glass is far more impressive! Break your day up into short achievable tasks.

95. Switch up your study zone , have a couple of alternative areas in the house when your focus is lagging. A change of scenery can refresh the mind and snap you out of a flat moment.

96. If you don’t have greenery to look out to through a window then bring the greenery in. A UK study found that having plants in the office improved focus and productivity. Low maintenance plant like succulents and devils ivy are great for bringing calm to any space.

97. Don’t face the door! Minimise the distractions of what’s going in the rest of the house by setting your desk up so you’re not distracted by what’s going on outside of the room.

98. Slouching and sleepy? Get on the ball 😉 Try switching up your seating with a yoga ball, your core needs to stay activated keeping you from zoning out on the job.

99. Noisy apartment with thin walls? Dampen the noise and improve focus with thick textile wall hangings or padded pin up boards

100. Maximise the space under your desk, by finding drawers that fit under the desk you’ll free up space in the rest of your office

Hopefully you’ve found a few ideas in this article for your own home office. For more home office inspiration take a look at Working from home; Create a home office you love.

Living Room Lighting, How To Get The Placement Right

Living Room Lighting, How To Get The Placement Right

Lighting sets the mood and feel for a room but can often be overlooked beyond the central ceiling light. There are three types of lighting that fulfil different  purposes; task, ambient and accent.

Types of Interior Lighting

Ambient Lighting

This is the ‘natural’ lighting for a room, it’s purpose is to make the space functional and closely match natural daytime lighting.  Although it sounds general in use, ambient lighting can really set the mood in a space, it should never be harsh.

Most often down lights are used but this sometimes isn’t an option in buildings that don’t have a ceiling void such as raked ceilings  and some apartments that have concrete slab ceilings. In this scenario a singular drop light can be used or track lighting.

Task Lighting

This is focused lighting for more detailed work in concentrated areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Many businesses use task lighting in office space because its better for reading and creates a feeling of alertness.

Some examples of task lighting are in the kitchen over a cook top, or bathroom mirror lighting. These can be in the form of directional down lights, track lights or a series of pendants.

When deciding on the placement of task lighting consider the path that the light is traveling from the bulb to the area of focus. If hanging a pendant light over head rather than over the workspace, like the kitchen bench, then this would create a shadow on the work area. This is not what we want!

Accent Lights

Accent lighting is concentrated lights that highlight features in a room or creates a statement. It’s not necessarily bright light like task lighting but ads style and drama. This type of lighting is often forgotten but when used correctly can add the wow factor to any room.

Accent lighting can be in the form of led strip lighting, collection of pendants, spot lighting, or chandeliers. It can be a subtle wall wash where the a sheet of lighting parallel to the wall high lights texture or a special feature on the wall. There are lots of clever ways to use LED strip lighting with motion sensors such as along stair treads, under cabinetry and in walk in robes.

The living room needs to feature all three types if lighting to suit the multitude of uses. This is a space where you relax, where you play board games with the kids and get productive with new projects. The lighting can help you zone out or feel focused and alert.

How to Choose a Central Ceiling Light for the Living Room

Not all rooms will have a central light but for those that do it can be the hero of the room.

There are two components of the central living room ceiling light to consider, the functional light and the design. When choosing the brightness consider the other lighting in the room. Do you have floor lamps or reading lights for focused work? If yes then this light doesnt need to be as bright. If the other lights in the room are more gentle, such as decorative wall sconses or pendant lights then this light needs to be at least 400 lumens. Lumens are a measurement of how bright the light is.

In terms of design, think of clearance and scale.

The scale of the light fixture should be fitting for the dimensions of the room and surrounding furniture. If the light fitting is too large it will make the room feel crowded but if your decorating a big open space then be bold! There are some incredible rustic style chandeliers in trend right now.

What Height to Hang a Chandelier or Light Fixture?

The light shade should not be so low that people feel uncomfortable walking under it. The exception is when the light is being hung above furniture such as a table which prevent people from walking under it. 80 Inches is the standard door opening height so light shades should not be lower than this in spaces where people are walking under the light.

How to Hang a Chandelier Over a Dining Table?

When hanging a chandelier over a dining table it doesn’t need to be above standing height. You want the light fitting to be eye catching but sit above head height while seated at the table. The general rule is at least 30 inches above the table top but if you have particularly high ceilings then raise the chandelier around 3 inches for every foot of additional ceiling height above the standard 8 foot ceiling.

How to Hang Pendent Lights

If the room is longer rather than square consider have 2 or more pendant lights along the length of the room to light the space effectively. When pendant lights are hung above a table or bench-top the standard is 30 inches above the surface. For pendant lights that aren’t above a bench such as hanging pendent lights in a living room corner for a reading nook, the bottom of the light fitting to the floor should be around 65 inches.

For more ways to update your living room, take a look at Cheap Ways to Update Your Living Room.

How to Update Your Living Room on a Budget

How to Update Your Living Room on a Budget

Updating your living room doesn’t have to be expensive. Get crafty and create your own decor, refresh your current furniture or cover up with throws and cushions rather than replace.

Try your hand at creating your own unique art.

Make your DIY craft look professional in a simple affordable frame. This doesn’t have to be complicated and one of the benefits of doing this is that the colours can be matched perfectly to your decor. 

You don’t have to be artistic or stock up on art supplies, the clever art below by Beautifully Candid is simply framed wallpaper.

cheap easy diy wall art
Decorate the walls with framed wall paper.
Image credit : Beautifully Candid

Layer throw rugs & cushions rather than replacing your sofa.

The style of the room can be completely transformed by adding a single contrasting colour and adding cushions in a range of textures in different shades and sizes.

Update living room on a budget
Add accessories in a contrasting colour with a range of textures to
update your living room.
Update your living room with cushions
These faux leather and canvas throw cushions can be used to
style a boho themed living room or farmhouse themed room.

How to Drape a Throw Rug on a Couch

1. Relaxed & Carefree

For small throws lay them outstretch over the back and armrest of the sofa allowing some gentle folds. Don’t stretch it out like your trying to hide the sofa!

For larger throws and blankets roughly fold them in half first then arrange across one end of the couch and let it drape to the floor.

how to arrange throws and cushions on a sofa
Handmade pompom blanket available on Etsy by Malika of
Marrake Shopping.

If you have a chaise or daybed lay bunch up the throw lengthways and lay diagonally.

Throw blanket on couch ideas

2. Folded, Prim & Proper

Fold the throw into half or thirds and lay over the arm rest or back of the sofa. This is a good way to show off a throw with tassels, have them hanging down over the armrest or facing outwards on the backrest of the couch.

3. Furnishings Basket

This is easy and practical, just use a feature basket to sling the throw rugs in. Add to the theme of the room by using a straw woven basket or metallic geometric basket.

Throw rug basket
Try a cotton rope storage basket for
storing throw blankets and cushions.

Make your own TV cabinet by giving a second hand piece of furniture a facelift

It’s awesome what some sand paper and a tin of paint can do!

This upcycled TV cabinet was a covid lockdown project for two sisters in the UK.  They sanded back the cabinet, painted and used two $2 seagrass matts from Bunnings to create rattan look doors.

Add plants & DIY grass mat pot covers

On the topic of $2 seagrass door mats, this is one of my favourite hacks that I’ve personally attempted for my lounge room. These beautiful bohemian planter covers are crafted by Alicia Curtis, she uses jute string for threading the doormats together and creating tassels.

Adding plants to the living room literally brings the space to life

The most wonderfully neglect-proof plants are succulents. They come in deep greens to light blues and red and require minimal water or care. I also love devils ivy, pop a cutting in a jar of water and just let it do its thing!

Both succulents and devils ivy can be easily propigated so if you have a neighbor or friend ask for a cutting.

Once your cutting is established you can propagate more for zero cost!

Ways to update your living room on a budget
Seagrass pot plant cover for updating your living room on a
Side tables to update lounge room on a budget
Wood look side table

Add a stylish and handy coffee table 

Liven up a plain living room with stylish side tables. They are practical and compact so they’re good for apartments with limited space. A larger coffee table would obstruct the flow of the room.

For more interior design inspiration, take a look at our Top 4 Interior Design Trends for 2021.

Working From Home; Create an Office Space You’ll Love

Working From Home; Create an Office Space You’ll Love

Our work-home life is becoming more fluid and so many of us are forgoing traditional work hours. I’m always drawn to my comfy couch as a makeshift working area which is less than ideal for my back and my productivity!

The aim of this article? Inspiring an office set up that is more attractive than the couch.

Home Office Location Ideas

Start with the location, you don’t have to be locked away. I love sitting by my living room window where I get the winter afternoon sun. Yes, sometimes this space can be noisy but behind my computer screen and noise cancelling headphones I create my productivity bubble.

If you don’t have a space with natural light, incorporate free standing and desk lights into your office design. This is called task lighting, it is better for reading and helps you feel alert. For more information on the 3 types of lighting, take a look at this post.

mens home office ideas

Assess the Home Office Space & Layout

Before purchasing a desk or office furniture, assess the space and make a plan.

Check where the power points are, make sure the space where you’re planning to put the desk doesn’t involve draping cords across the walk way.

Think about the entire space, where can you have shelving and lighting?

What background will your colleagues see when you’re in a zoom call ? Avoid having your laptop camera facing the office doorway! I love seeing the accidental Zoom footage of partners casually walking past in their birthday suits but I dont want to be one of them haha!

desk extension ideas
An extendable desk is a great small office space saving idea.

Best Office Desk Design

Desk styles include corner, sit stand, L shape, built in and compact.

Think about the kind of desk do you have at work? ….and do you actually feel comfortable working at it? Do you need space for two monitors? 

If your partner or children are working from home too, consider each having your own space. The desk below could be easily made by getting a single bench-top cut to length, two trestle table legs and two under bench cabinets. Bench-tops can also be bought at standard lengths from hardware stores and IKEA.

shared office desk ideas
Double office desk ideas, do you need to make a home office for two in a small space?
L Shaped desk office ideas
L-Shaped desk office idea.

Custom Office Desk Ideas

Get a desk that you will want to spend time at!

Match it in with the overall decor of your home, is it modern, vintage, traditional or maybe industrial?   Sometimes function has to come before fashion but consider desks that are relatively neutral and decorate space with art, indoor plants or a statement furniture piece. 

A new desk may not be in your budget so consider re-finishing a desk to make it your own. Buy an old second hand desk and paint it to match your home office theme for a custom office desk.

This refinished desk before and after is by Life on Virginia Street. The matt grey colour and wood detail has bought the unloved 80s desk a new classier life 🙂

refinished desk ideas

Home Office Desk Organisation Ideas

If space is an issue, an office built in with a desk can be ideal. They are narrow and multifunctional with plenty of storage space and cabinets to hide away folders, the printer and even the monitors when you dont want to be reminded of work!

Office built in with desk
Office built in with desk. Image Credit: Honey Bear Lane

Another space saving idea is to hide your home office behind bifolds. Check out some bifold door inspiration here; 4 Smart ways to use Bifold Doors.

DIY Bathroom Remodel in 6 Easy Steps

DIY Bathroom Remodel in 6 Easy Steps

I’m a compulsive DIY’er, recently I finished another bathroom remodel and have learnt to tile, re-level floors, waterproof and a little bit of carpentry (woodwork / cabinet making). It’s amazing what you can learn on youtube 🙂

In this article I’ll focus on cosmetic renovations. This is where the bones of the bathroom are left untouched.

1. Bathroom Theme / Style/ Design

The first step is getting a solid design theme & plan. This will help identify what you can keep from your current bathroom. If you’re on a tight budget there are some awesome products to refinish and paint tubs, cabinetry and tiles.

Take a look at this post for some bathroom styling ideas such as trends in mirrors and vanities.

2. Plan the remodel and check if you will need to hire tradies

To plan your trades start by looking at the layout of your bathroom. Good bathroom design and functionality helps sell houses. Keeping the drainage and plumbing in the same position will save you thousands but its worth hiring tradies if the flow of your bathroom doesn’t work.

I called in a plumber to make some minor adjustments to the water outlet placements for the shower. On beginning my bathroom renovation I realised my beautiful vintage-industrial style shower required a separate hot & cold water outlets where the taps are.

For DIY plumbing tips this article may be useful. I describe how to change from separate wash basin taps to a single mixer. It’s easier than you think!

3. Demolition & replacing cabinetry

If you have cabinetry thats simple and in good condition then it can be saved but replacing the cabinet and using a modern basin can have a big impact on the overall feel.  

cheap diy bathroom remodel
In this remodel I replaced the cabinet with an IKEA cabinet that had better storage because of the large drawers and added open shelving.

Cabinet paint is a durable, low cost way to update and freshen-up cabinets. I’ve used white, high-gloss cabinet paint in a kitchen renovation and the results were fantastic. The original cabinets were melamine and the bottom edge of the doors were chipped and damaged. My budget and timeline wouldn’t accommodate ripping them out and replacing. I used a jigsaw to trim about 1cm off the bottom of the doors, the cabinet doors overlapped the opening so luckily this didn’t compromise the overall look.

In my most recent bathroom makeover I saved on renovating costs by upcycling a cabinet. I bought it second hand for $40 and made curvy mid-century style legs. I had also looked at buying stylish furniture legs online such as these but wanted to create something unique.  I also sanded back and stained the cabinet with mahogany wood stain then finished with a high gloss varnish.

Above bench basins are really popular right now but don’t make the mistake I made and use a high edge basin on a standard height bench-top. I feel like I need a stepping stool to wash my hands!

4. Painting tiles

I have used White knight tile paint previously that has worked out well but preparation is key!

  1. First clean the tiles well, but to be honest, when you are sanding back the tiles and grout a lot of this surface gets removed anyway.
  2. Sand the tiles. This step is crucial in making the paint stick. If you have smooth glossy tiles and your sand papering efforts fail to roughen up the surface then you’re bound for disappointment. I plan to write an in depth article on this with my experiences and while tools worked the best for me, stayed tuned and I’ll link it here when published.
  3. Clean the tiles again, removing any dust, soap residue or other contaminants. If there is any spots where mould has been growing, treat them with bleach.
  4. Apply the primer. Stir the tile priming paint well before using. Paint the corners first with a paint brush (cutting in) then coat the remainder with a small paint roller. For cutting in I always use a tapered brush like this. Most brands require 4 hours dry time before applying the colour coat.
  5. Apply the top coat. To ensure an even cover apply the first coat in a horizontal pattern with the roller then the second coat in a vertical direction.
painting bathroom tiles before and after
Painted Bathroom Tiles Before and After

In the above bathroom I painted the floor tiles, this worked well because the floor tiles were textured. I would not recommend painting smooth, glossy floor tiles as I just dont think the paint will adhere well enough to the surface to last constant traffic.

5. Replace taps and faucets

After the tiles are painted and the cabinets have been replaced or painted its time to update the taps & faucets. Step away from traditional chrome and consider ‘old-gold’ shades of brass or rose gold. Black tap-ware is going out of style but considering how easy it is to change taps & faucets, there is no harm in going with this trend until you get sick of it! Just choose the shower faucet with caution,  if the shower outlets need to be tailored to the tap-ware then it will be a pain to fix as the tiles will need to be removed for a plumber to change the layout of the pipes.

6. Painting the bathroom walls & ceiling

What kind of paint should you use in a bathroom?

The bathroom is a high humidity environment so it’s important to use paint that suites the conditions. Paints with a higher sheen are easier to clean and remove mould or staining for high humidity environments such as bathrooms.

The image below shows the finish or levels of sheen in paint. Flat paint has no shine, it has an even matt finish and absorbs rather than reflects light. When you run your hands over a flat painted finish it feels slightly rough and textured compared to a smooth gloss paint. Matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss have increasing levels of sheen and durability.

what kind of paint should i use in a bathroom

What paint to use on bathroom walls?

Use a eggshell or satin finish paint for bathroom walls as this is more durable than lower sheen paints. The more textured (lower sheen) the paint, the more it will tend to trap moisture and tend to stain.

Note: If your bathroom has mould or damp issue then it’s vital to improve the ventilation with a good exhaust fan. This is inexpensive and help reduce the humidity and prevent mould.

What paint to use on the bathroom ceiling?

Matt paint is the standard for ceilings in all areas of the house except the bathroom. In most rooms there is no need for the durability of glossier paints and a flat finish will help light spread evenly throughout the space without reflecting or creating glare. However, for bathroom paint longevity, select a paint finish that has a slight sheen such as satin finish or eggshell as the humidity can lead to staining of the paint.

If you do choose a flat/ matt finish it just means you may have to re-paint the ceiling in a few years to keep the space looking fresh. As a DIYer, painting ceilings is one of my least favourite jobs so in my opinion its best to use the most durable products from the beginning.

7. Finishing touches for your bathroom remodel

You’ve done all the hard work, and now it’s time for the fun part. Decorating involves all the non-permanent touches like mirrors, plants, artwork and beautiful things! Make sure each piece ties in with your original vision and in small spaces keep the decor functional to prevent clutter.

Bathroom decorating tips

  1. Find a unique container for organising toothbrushes, lotions and potions
  2. Light the mirror with pendants for effective task lighting. Take a look at this post for more on the 3 types of lighting.
  3. Dont forget the floor, for an eclectic theme try a vintage Turkish rug, for a beachy / coastal style try a floor mat in a natural jute or if you’ve gone Hamptons look for shades of blue and interesting patterns.
  4. Towel racks. Instead of going for a basic towel rail consider a towel ladder or if space is limited, interesting industrial looking towel hooks.
  5. Shelving. To keep surfaces clutter free install open shelves with stylish boxes and containers to keep hairdryers, straighteners and annoying cords out of sight.
diy bathroom updates
DIY Bathroom update tip ; use pendant lights for effective task lighting at the bathroom mirror.

How to Save on Bathroom Remodelling Costs

How to Save on Bathroom Remodelling Costs

Here are a few simple do-it-yourself plumbing tasks that any keen renovator can tackle with the wonders of YouTube. I’ve tried my hand at some of the simpler plumbing fixes and updates required for renovation but hand over anything concerning moving in wall plumbing to the professionals. 

One of the biggest money savers in bathroom renovation is to leave the drainage and water supply in their current position. Sometimes its worth changing the layout to optimise the function of the bathroom. This job will require professional trades but you can do some of the prep work for them by identifying and exposing pipes.

How do I know where my water pipes are?

Best Stud Finder

I use a Bosch Multiscanner (wall scanner/ stud finder) which has 3 modes to pick up wood, electrical and metal. These are really handy when you’re drilling into any wall in your house you need to check for electrical wires and plumbing pipes hidden in the walls. 

Set the mode to metal when checking the location of copper pipes. Look on the back of the stud finder, it has three sensors which all need to have contact with the wall to work correctly.

Hold the wall scanner on the wall and move in a horizontal and vertical direction slowly. Watch the screen and light for indication of the pipe location. 

Move taps in laundry for under bench washer
In old laundries the washing machine taps are usually above the benchtop which can be a bit ugly. To save on the renovation costs I exposed the pipes for the plumber.
how to save money on remodel

Replace two taps with a single mixer tap

If your bathroom renovation involves changing your taps to a mixer this is a job you can do yourself and save money. The process is relatively simple if you have old copper pipes like the photo below.

 You’ll need two push fit copper connectors, fine sand paper and the  coupling removal tool.

modern small bathroom remodel
Changing from two taps to a mixer is a simple plumbing job you can do yourself to save money on your bathroom remodel.
  1. First mark the pipes near the wall with Hot and Cold and remember to turn off your water mains!
  2. Empty the water sitting in the pipes first so you don’t end up making a huge mess, just turn on the hot and cold taps until there is no water running out. I’m always very conservative with this in case I don’t get a good connection with the coupling I like to have enough pipe left to cut it back further and try again.
  3. Use a hacksaw with a metal cutting blade or a pipe cutting tool. Copper is really soft to cut so try not to dent the pipe.
  4. Use the sand paper to remove any build up on the outside of the pipe and burs on the cut edge. The metal should look shiny and new. If the surface isn’t prepared well you’ll end up with leaks. 
ways to save money on bathroom renovation
Copper water pipes exposed after removing the cabinet and basin. Cut the pipes below the T-bar.

Slide in the coupling, once this is slid onto the end of the pipe it will be impossible to remove without the tool. 

After the couplings are attached just screw in the hot and cold flexi pipes. Turn the water mains back on, I prefer to have someone with me when doing this, they go to the water mains tap and  I have them on the phone so I can tell them straight away to turn it back off if there are leaks. 

If there is a leak just turn the mains back off, remove the couplings. check the cut edge of the pipe is level, re-sand the end of the pip and about the last inch of the pipe that the coupling is attaching to and try again. 

do it yourself plumbing
Push fit copper pipe connector. Slide this onto the cut pipe then just screw in the new mixer tap flexi hoses.

Plumbing a new bathroom sink

I’ve replace quite a few sinks for bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations. The existing pipe work usually needs some alteration to fit the new sink especially if you’re changing from a normal under-mount sink to an above bench sink. The photo below shows what the plumbing usually looks like. 

 I always replace the S bend …. when you take a look at the build up in your drainage over the past 20 years or so you’ll see why. No wonder plumbers get paid so well! Check the diameter of your pipes before heading to the hardware store ( if I’ve already started hacking the plumbing I actually take the parts with me to make sure I get the right parts).

You’ll need at least one coupling, a length of pipe (usually in 1m lengths) two part plumbing glue, PVC hacksaw blade, new S bend. The S bend pivots and bends to fit the distance between the basin and the drainage pipe. Water sits in the ‘U’ shape part to stop smells coming up through the drainage.

how to save on bathroom remodel
Under sink plumbing. Save money on bathroom remodel by connecting the sink drainage yourself.

How to Style a White Kitchen

How to Style a White Kitchen

White kitchens feel spacious, clean and the simple colour pallet makes it easy to coordinate tiles, bench-tops and cabinetry.  They create a perfect base for interesting furnishings such as bespoke barstools or metalic cabinet hardware, white kitchens should never be boring!  

I’ve curated 9 white kitchen themes to show how to use white cabinets in kitchen design.

Natural materials; Modern white kitchen with wood accents

Use beautiful timber such as white oak for open shelving and feature cabinetry to bring warmth to the space. Open shelving is great for small kitchens as traditional overhead cabinetry can make the sapce feel closed in.  This kitchen featured by Cozy and Kin uses hints of brushed gold in cabinet handles, tapware and feature lighting. A simple way to introduce natural fibres is straw light fittings. These pendants subtly filter the light rather than blocking it

White oak kitchen open shelving. Image Credit : Cozy & Kin

Farmhouse Design Kitchen

Add texture/ features to the cabinets with wainscotting. This kitchen featured by Ruggable has added cross features to the sides of cabinets and borders to the draws creating a traditional farmhouse feel to the kitchen. The beautiful rustic pendant lights also add to the farmhouse kitchen design.

modern farmhouse kitchen ideas 2021
Farmhouse design kitchen. Image Credit : Ruggable

Add a pop of colour. This clever kitchen design has a splash of grey under the counter. This is a great idea,  anyone who has a white under counter space knows how annoying it is to clean off little black shoe marks! Its a great way to test colour in the space and easy to paint over when the room needs an update.

Exposed Brick Kitchen Splash Back

Kitchen feature walls. I love this hint of exposed brick as a splash-back, real brick may not be the most practical but there are some amazing brick wall papers available.  

brick walls in kitchen
Brick walls in kitchen. Image

Antique Bronze Kitchen Faucet & Hardware

antique brass kitchen faucet industrial look

Add an antique feel with old-gold. This antique brass faucet by Gotonovo adds a hint of tradition to any kitchen with its old school hot-cold tap hardware. This accent can be extended to the cupboard handles, pendant lights and even barstools.

Turkish Runner for Kitchen

Roll out the red carpet with a Turkish runner/ rug. These come in a range of patterns and colour pallets and create an eclectic feel to the kitchen.

turkish kitchen runner

Decorate the Kitchen with Indoor Plants

Bring the kitchen space to life with greenery. Adding plants to any space creates a certain x factor that I can never seem to describe. Devils ivy is a wonderful vibrant, easy care plant that anyone can maintain. The best part, when the plant gets too long just cut off the stem and pop it in a jar or vase of water and you have a whole new plant in the making.

plants on top of kitchen cabinets

Marble Veins; Calcutta Bench Top

The vein of Calcutta marble adds pattern and shape to flat space. It looks expensive but many engineered stone companies make a version that professionals would be hard pressed to spot as man made. For real impact extend it to the spash-back or ask for a waterfall edge on the counter. This is where the countertop extends over the edge of the cabinet and covers the side.

Marble calcutta benchtop

Use White Kitchen Tiles in Interesting Layouts

If you love white on white consider adding a textured tile or lay the tiles in a less traditional layout like this herringbone pattern. It’s very subtle, but makes quite an impact to the overall design. White hexagon tiles are another option to add pattern without colour.

Choosing the Perfect Wall Colour for Teenage Bedrooms

Choosing the Perfect Wall Colour for Teenage Bedrooms

Your teen is unique and they need a space that reflects that when it comes to designing their bedroom. Choosing bold wall colours is a great way to do this but having too much strong colour in a space designed for sleep can go very wrong.

How to choose the perfect wall colour for your teenagers bedroom?

Balance the use of your teenagers favourite colours and while knowing how colour effects emotions.

Colour can create certain moods. It’s used in marketing to influence people to make certain decisions and trigger different emotions.

Have you ever noticed the clothes you wear are selected subconsciously depending on your mood. When your feeling upbeat and happy on Friday that it’s the end of the week your more likely to select brighter colourful clothing that amplifies your mood.

Often the colours you like are associated with earlier life events, was your school uniform peppermint green and now you can’t stand that colour? Interpretation of colour is in some ways different for each individual but studies show some colours have a universal effect.

Most studies analyse the three primary and three secondary colours; red, orange, yellow (warm colours) and green, blue, violet (cool colours).

Light Yellow Room Colours & How to Use Yellow Room Paint

Why is the standard colour for post-its and highlighters yellow? Yellow stimulates the left side of the brain which is creative and logical.

Being the lightest and brightest colour, yellow promotes feelings of happiness and hope.

When used in excess or with people who are already anxious it can escalate these emotions. The teenage bedroom ideas below have beautifully balanced the use of yellow room paint with white.

Yellow room paint
Light yellow room colours balanced with white.
Image credit : Idealhome.co.uk
wall colours for teenage bedroom_Yellow1
Using a splash of yellow room paint to emphasise and centralise the bed head.
Original source unknown.
decal Light yellow room colours
Add a burst of colour with a light yellow wall decal: Amazon

The clever use of the yellow circular shape painted on the wall where the bed head is positioned brings together the shelving, bedhead and bedside table. These large geometric coloured shapes can be bought as wall decals which is a quick and easy alternative to painting.

Burnt Orange Room Decor

Orange conjures up feelings of optimism and physical energy. On the negative side it can promote pessimism (feelings of despair).

When selecting orange tones for wall colours in a teenage bedroom go for softer, natural tones rather than harsh bright oranges so the room isn’t overwhelming or add colour with the decor rather than the wall paint.

Burnt Orange Room Decor
Embroidered quilt by jungalow.com
Burnt-Orange Room Decor
Spindle bed from Walkeredisonshop.com
Burnt Orange Room Decor Chair
Burnt Orange Room Decor.
Armchair from Amazon

Red Paint Colours for Bedrooms

In marketing red is used to increase appetite and is also associated with sexuality. It’s a bold colour that conjures strong feelings like passion and anger. Red is scientifically proven to raise blood pressure.

Next time you’re in an office environment, watching the news or a public speaker notice how often these people convey power and confidence by wearing red. A little can go a long way, you may see politicians wearing a red tie.

In interior design red can be used powerfully to create romantic bedroom settings but if used in excess it will create agitation.

Red maybe not the best idea for paint the whole room unless using a deeper tone like in the picture below. Or bring in pops of red with decor instead.

Red Paint colors for bedrooms
Red wall colour ideas (Original source unknown).

Red Teenage bedroom decor_study chair1
Bring in a pop of colour with red furnishings: Red velvet study chair from Amazon

Check out Teenage Room Decor Amazon and 100 Easy Home Office Decorating Tips to Improve Organisation, Productivity and Design for more tips on adding colour with room decor.

Green accent wall bedroom

Associated with nature, green is the colour of life and promotes calmness. Lighter greens are associated with a fresh feeling and darker greens reflect prestige, security and stability.

emerald bedroom decor
Green room colour for teenage bedroom walls.
Emerald green parrot cushion from AliceAcremanSilks

For the decor, rich fabrics like velvet and silk help create an opulent, grand feel. Adding draped plants promotes calm and tranquility.

green shades for bedroom
Light green wall colour and draped vines to create a calm teenage bedroom.

Dark Blue Bedroom Walls

Blue is another calming colour. It’s associated with the sea, the sky and promotes feelings of peace and serenity.

Why don’t we see any fast food signs along the highway with blue signage? It has the opposite effect of red, blue reduces appetite and lowers blood pressure.

navy blue bedroom walls
Navy blue bedroom walls.
Image credit : intwohomes.co.uk
navy blue bedroom teenage
Blue duvet cover from Amazon

Purple Bedroom Accents

Purple or violet represent spirituality and promotes introspection and imagination. Purple is used in marketing to suggest superiority which comes from its association with royalty.

People drawn to the colour purple are usually sensitive and tranquil.

Deep rich purple creates a luxurious feel and can be perfect for a feminine, vintage inspired bedroom. I love anything with earthy purples and deep burgundy. Anything with gold and silver also works well in this theme.

Great colours like this will make your room feel more like a lux hotel than a bedroom!

purple bedroom accents
Purple perfect wall colour for teenage bedrooms.
Image credit : fabmood.com

There are so many wonderful and timeless teen girl bedroom decorating ideas that it’s hard to choose just one!

I love anything vintage, old world, or unique. Even when your teen has grown up and comes back home they will still enjoy being in a colourful room. That’s what really makes it fun! Anything original, and a little off the normal, is perfect.

Teenage Room Decor Amazon

Teenage Room Decor Amazon

Updating your teenager’s bedroom doesn’t have to be an expensive or time consuming task. It’s a great opportunity to spend some time with your daughter or son and find out what their dreams and aspirations really are.

The teenage years can be challenging, both for parents and teenagers! The parents are navigating mood swings, changing personalities and going from being the adored parent to being their biggest enemy for no reason at all! Teenagers are under the pressure of making decisions about their future careers, keeping up with social media and their changing friend groups.

The bedroom can be a space that reflects who they are, what they enjoy doing and where they want to go in life. It’s their own personal sanctuary where they can be themselves.

I’ve sourced some great products on Amazon for low cost, high impact décor for teenage bedroom design. After all, many teens dread hanging out with their parents at the shops so this way you can shop together from the comfort of home and have it delivered to your door.  

Take some time out with your teen to go through the questionnaire together, write down your answers separately then compare. You might be surprised at their answers. These can prompt your creative juices for colour and design themes.

How to Style My Teenager’s Bedroom : Questionnaire

  • What are your top two favourite colours ?
  • What is your favourite hobby?
  • What is your favourite subject at school?
  • What country would you love to go to some day?
  • What was your favourite past holiday location?

Travel Themed Room Décor for Teens

If your teenager is dreaming of a gap year travelling after they finish school then design a space that inspires them to go to that place. For example, pick out a few places that are her dream destinations and see which location has enough décor that you can decorate the room based on it. You could have an Eiffel Tower print or a mural of the pyramids of Giza or a four poster bed with light gauze drapes and palm leaf fan reflecting the tropics.

Bedroom Reading Nook

Is your daughter or son an avid reader? Make them a full wall bookshelf where they can display all of their books. You don’t need to be good with tools, there are some great flat packs that are easy to put together. If you have the space, create a reading nook with a comfy chair or a bean bag and cool floor lamp.

Outdoor Themed Room for Teenagers

Is your teen the outdoorsy type?  Why not bring the wild into your space by introducing room accessories that remind you of a day at the beach or a mountain top view? Pick out rugged pieces of furniture like pine and other types of wood that are very “earthy”. Rattan is also a great option for chairs or tables, bamboo is another great option too. Paint colour options could be azure blue, forest green or simple white hues with pops of colour from décor.

How Can I Make My Teenager’s Bedroom Look Good with Plants?

This is extremely easy to do and you don’t have to be a designer to use this design tip well. Just find an interesting pot- if you don’t have one on hand Kmart and Amazon have a good range of modern designs for great prices.

There are some great inexpensive plastic pots that look like stone or concrete. Terracotta pots are also very affordable and look great in rooms with earthy colour pallets. If you have a simple white pot at home it can be dressed up with a bamboo pot stand. Then head to your local plant nursery.

To get an idea of which plants will grow well indoors go to the indoor plants area of the garden store. Plants that are growing outside in direct light won’t survive well once moved into the bedroom. There’s no mystery to buying these either, simply choose greenery that you like, and flowers that complement the colors in your room.

The easiest, low maintenance plants that I grow indoors are devils ivy and succulents. A cutting of devils ivy can happily grow in a jar of water so you can easily see when it needs topping up. Succulents thrive in dry conditions so only need watering occasionally, I make sure the soil has dried out before giving them another drink to prevent overwatering.

Teenage girl bedroom decor plants cactus
Teenage Bedroom Decor Cactus Plant Set : Amazon
Pot plant stand for teenage bedroom decor
Plant Pot and Stand for Teenage Bedroom Decoration : Amazon

What is the Best Colour for a Teenage Bedroom?

Choosing a colour can be tricky if your teenager isn’t motivated to choose a favourite. Room colour is scientifically proven to have an effect on mood so this can be a good starting point (more on this in 100 Easy Home Office Decorating Tips to Improve Organisation, Productivity and Design; A study published in Sage journals investigated how colour can level out emotions and change our mood).

Blues and greens are calming colours so these colour themes are a far better choice than agitating reds. These tones promote restful sleep and a calm mind. Orange is good for motivation and energy but if you go with this colour theme use a neutral colour on the walls and introduce pops of colour with the décor like the wall art, throw blankets and cusions.

Repainting the room can have a great impact but it’s time consuming and isn’t necessary. For a simple bedroom with neutral wall colours pick a single colour and introduce décor in a variety of shades and textures. If your teenager wants a red bedroom (but you can’t think of anything worse) then find a cool poster or print that has reds in it and then add a funky red chair or other room accessory.  

Pictures for teenage room decor
Red Anime Picture for Teenage Room : Amazon
Pictures for teenage room colourful
Colour Hanging Wall Art for Teenage Bedroom : Amazon

A bedroom “just for them” is a room designed to encourage, inspire and cement feelings of love and acceptance and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

For teenage boys room inspiration have a look at some of the ideas in Bedroom Décor for Teenage Guys.

Are Chandeliers Old Fashioned?

Are Chandeliers Old Fashioned?

What is Considered a Chandelier?

Less commonly known as girandole, chandeliers are hung as a singular light fitting rather than in groups like pendant lighting. Pendant have a single cord, single light, less decorative elements and are usually smaller in size and hung in groups. Chandeliers differ to pendant lights as they usually have multiple lights with a branched design.

Chandeliers evolved from medieval candelabras made of candles which later evolved to gas lighting then electric. Their expensive decorative design was (and still can be) a luxury status symbol.

Are Chandeliers Old Fashioned?

No, chandeliers are a form of art and will continue to change with interior design trends over time. There are some styles that have become less popular over time as they simply dont align with our lifestyles and home decor.

Are crystal chandeliers out of style?

Although most lighting manufacturers will disagree, yes. Crystal chandeliers are beautiful but they are very much out of style in 2021. They are a classic chandelier which is more ornate and use crystals to refract light.

If you have a classic styled home then a crystal chandelier may suit your décor but in terms of home décor trends other styles of chandeliers have taken the forefront.

Are brass chandeliers out of style?

This is an interesting question. Brass is very on trend. Gold hardware had a brief popularity stint in 2019-2020 but this has evolved into designers playing with old-gold tones like brass which has been reinforced by the industrial trends rolling on in 2021. However, the ornate styles of brass chandeliers are out of style.

One very popular type is the modern radial globe chandelier (sputnick). This is a simple geometric, modern design and comes in shades of gold and brass. There are lots of variations on this design, one of the reasons this style has persisted in popularity is its use in mid century modern.

What are Different Types of Chandeliers ?

There are endless types of chandeliers and chandelier-style light fittings from super modern and alternative to softer boho designs. I’ve included a few favourites for 2021 ; woven, mid-century modern, beaded, boho, black and modern.

White woven chandelier

White-on–white is still a major trend in home design and this goes for light fittings as well. Large pendant style light fittings made from rope, fabric and wicker make for beautiful focal points in simple white rooms. They can lift an otherwise boring room by adding texture, select a large chandelier to create drama.

This rattan light comes in 3 sizes; 35, 40 and 50 cm and is available in black and white.

Black and gold mid-century modern chandelier

Mid century modern is a big trend for 2021. The sputnick chandelier is named after the worlds first orbiting satellite that was launched in 1957. They come in a wide range of variations but essentially are made of a collection of arms with lights on the end, joined by a central core. They come in both flush mount and pendant mount designs so the flush mount option is great for rooms that don’t have the height for pendant style lighting.

Wood beaded light fixture

Beaded chandeliers are a more casual take but can be just as grand. They fit the boho, farmhouse or Hamptons décor and can be used in almost any room. When your room starts to feel heavy with one dominant design material like dark wood or brass, these beaded designs can bring in a subtle new element. These can also come in flush mount designs for low ceilings.

Gray beaded light fixture

Black wicker chandelier

Perfect for dark moody spaces, this black wicker chandelier measures 35 x 35 cm and is made of woven bamboo.

Modern chandelier black

Add effortless style with a modern black chandelier that integrates smart home technology. This Minimalist modern take on chandeliers can be adapted to different shapes as an interactive art form. The LED lights rotate individually creating a ring shape, radial,  perpendicular or diagonal ( above).

Boho beaded light fixture

These natural beaded chandeliers tend to go with anything explaining why they are still notoriously popular in 2021. They tie in beautifully with rattan rugs and natural fibres.

Chandeliers can completely transform a room. Take a look at each room in your house and question if it has a wow factor.

Next time you have a guest at your house pay attention to what they look at when they enter a room, are they draw in and at ease in the space? Are they looking around and standing back because the decor is too busy? It may need simplifying and centralising with a key piece of artwork or light fitting.

For more lighting inspiration take a look at Living Room Lighting, How To Get The Placement Right.

Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Teenager tastes change so much from when they are in their tween years to older teenagers so how do you decorate a bathroom that can transform with them over the years?

The trick is to keep the hardware and fixtures neutral and transform the bathroom to their taste with décor that can be swapped out and updated.

This doesn’t need to be expensive. Change out the soft furnishings such as towels and the bathmat from the hot pink she loved when she was 13 to an on-trend mature colour pallet.

Teenage Bathroom Wall Decor

Wall décor includes mirrors, posters, prints and wall decals.

Most bathroom mirrors are hard fixed to cabinetry or cut to size fitting the available wall space. Additional mirrors can be added as a design feature or replaced with more interesting shaped mirrors. Arch mirrors are big right now and if you have the space consider adding a full length mirror.

The mirror lighting can be a stand out feature of the bathroom. For a teenager that is starting to play with makeup and hair styling then they will love a theatre style bathroom mirror. LED lighting strips are an easy cheap alternative. These can be bought as peel and stick strips that attach straight onto surfaces. There are motion sensor activated versions available too that will light up when you walk into the room.

Hollywood style LED strip lighting for adding glam to your teenagers bathroom.
Dimmable Hollywood make up mirror for a teen bathroom from Amazon.
Arch mirrors are on trend right now. Wall mounted options are great for small teen bathrooms.

If your teen is into makeup a cosmetics trolley can be a practical and stylish addition. Organise all the make up brushes, hair dryers and straighteners in cute storage boxes. Cleaning products can also be stored in nice spray bottles and kept at hand to try and encourage your teen to use them!

Cosmetics trolley for organising a teenage bathroom : Amazon
Refillable designer bottles by Bottiful Home

Small Teen Bathrooms

Using the wall space with mirrors, posters and prints is a great option if the bathroom is small. Some other ideas for small teenage bathrooms are choosing stylish storage options and using the floor space.

If the bathroom is very small use a shower caddy to store soaps and shampoo bottles to organise the shower space. Bamboo shower caddies are both beautiful and functional, matching bamboo clothes hampers are a great idea too. Because surface space will likely be limited you don’t want to clutter up the surface space with additional décor, make everything you have at the basin functional. Instead, add wall and floor décor. Use the floor space to add colour with a bright or colourful floor mat or runner .

If you have a toilet cistern with a flush mechanism on the side rather than the top, a custom shelf can be fitted to use this space. If your cistern does have a flush button on top add open shelving above the toilet otherwise this is unused space.

Small bathroom design ideas: These over toilet and shower caddy units are easy to install and require no drilling.

If your teen has lots of electrical appliances like hair dryers and straighteners that clutter up the bench space then try a customised draw space that organises these items and keeps cords tucked away.

Organise corded items with a wall mounted storage unit.

This storage unit can sit inside a bathroom drawer to tidy and hide away hair straighteners and dryers.

Teenage Bathroom Shower Curtain

The shower curtain doesn’t need to be just a practical part of the bathroom. Find a bold print or a shower curtain that matches the theme of the room.

Create a Calming Bathroom for your Anxious Teen.

To bring the bathroom to the next level of zen add a luxurious scent. This can be done with scented candles or oils. This is a great tip if you have a particularly stressed or anxious teen. Have you ever walked into a day spa and felt all your muscles relax as soon as you walk through the door? They set a calming vibe by using relaxing music and calming essential oils. Scents that calm include lavender, jasmine and ylang ylang.

Calming lavender and eucalyptus candle for creating a calming bathroom for your teen.
Peppermint, cedar, clove and eucalyptus candle by Sweet Water Decor.

Bathroom accessories can change the look and feel of the bathroom. Remember, the key to decorating a teenager’s bathroom is adding décor that can be updated over time to suit their evolving taste.

For more ideas on decorating your teenagers bedroom checkout Bedroom Decor For Teenage Guys and Teenage Room Decor Amazon.

Top 4 Interior Design Trends for Winter 2021

Top 4 Interior Design Trends for Winter 2021

As we settle into the new normal of  2021 we’re becoming increasingly house proud with more of us working and spending time at home.  Re-invent your home with the latest decor and interior design trends for 2021.

Luxury black kitchen cabinetry

ultra modern luxury kitchen designs

Black is back! Bucking the trend of white & bright those that are really to brave this sophisticated look will be rewarded. Black kitchen cabinetry oozes ultra modern luxury, pair with dark hardwood flooring.  Pair with the beautiful quartz countertops trending for 2021 and Calutta stone spash-backs.

Cozy mid century modern living

Mid century modern design is influenced by 1930s-1960s furniture, architecture and art.. To introduce the look in your home think of Eames; gentle curved lines and an uncluttered aesthetic. Mix natural woods with glass and lucite.

cozy mid-century modern living room
Pair mid century cabinetry with exposed brick and natural materials.

Breath life into vintage mid century cabinets by upcycling them into a bathroom vanity.

Add touches of mid century style with subtle geometric tiles and retro light fittings.

mid century modern shower tile
Mid century modern shower tile & lighting. Image credit : Houzz

Spanish colonial interior design

We’re all wishing we could travel too far off exciting places right now.

Introduce some rustic, sun baked charm with stone, terracotta and antique rugs. This theme is best captured by rough plastered walls and exposed beams but on a smaller scale try introducing wrought iron candle sconces and fabrics in earthy tones.

Spanish interior décor
Modern Tuscan interior design ideas

Shades of green : Emerald green bedrooms and modern sage cabinetry

The green trend is taking over in a big way in fashion , furnishings and decor for 2021. Tap into the green theme with deep, glamorous emeralds and soft sage greens and teal.

modern sage green kitchen cabinets

Mix matt Calcutta countertops with earthy muted greens for a warm inviting kitchen. Finish with touches of brushed brass on cabinet door handles and simple pendant lights.

emerald green lounge
Emerald green furnishings interior decorating. Image credit : Trend Design Book

Farmhouse Decorations for the Living Room

Farmhouse Decorations for the Living Room

Farmhouse décor for the living room creates a warm, inviting ambience. The living room is often the largest, most spacious room in the house used for entertaining and relaxing. You can recreate rustic farmhouse charm with little cost and effort.

I’m sure that no matter what stage of life you are at, there has definitely been one time or another when the farmhouse design has caught your eye. In this article we take a look at farmhouse decorations for the living room.

There are two main styles of farmhouse design. The traditional farmhouse theme is more floral and proper. Think of your stereotypical Country Women’s Association member’s home :)…Scones with jam and cream in the kitchen, dried lavender in white washed milk pails and rose patterned fabrics and pressed cotton.

Then there is the modern take on farmhouse living decor. This can take the form of more industrial touches like wrought iron touches on barn style doors and coffee tables. For the modern take on farmhouse interior decorating, use dried grasses instead of flowers and crumpled linen in natural tones instead of pressed floral cotton prints.

Now lets talk about how to create that authentic look within your own home.

Modern farmhouse decorations for the living room : Highland wall art (Amazon)

Hand Painted, Carved, Moulded, or Designed

Farmhouse is all about designs that are close to the earth and nature based. That’s where upcycled or vintage pieces do very well in farmhouse styled rooms. Anything that’s been handmade is almost an instant go to in a farmhouse style living space. You will never see flashy items that obviously look like they were made in a factory.

farmhouse decorations for living room_Botanical prints
Farmhouse Decorations for the Living Room: Add pops of colour with botanical art. (Amazon)

Authentic Personal Art

Although farmhouse décor is a world-wide trend, the basis of it as a design is refined personal design. So find special things that mean a lot to you and make a collage of them, frame the sheet music you learnt on piano as a child or from a song you were obsessed with as a teenager. Find special things that mean a lot to you and incorporate them into your design in a simple and stripped back way.

Add quirky touches to let your personality shine through like cow hide ottoman below or pops of colour in botanical art.

farmhouse decorations for living room_cow hide ottoman
For the modern farmhouse theme add quirky touches of personality like this faux cow hide print ottoman. Available on Amazon

Wood Framed Sign or Hand Written Wooden Sign

Reclaimed or exposed wood are almost always incorporated into farmhouse design spaces, no matter what room of the house you are in. Reclaimed wood is a great way to incorporate upcycling into your farmhouse inspired space and stay ‘close to nature’ as you’re renovating.

When you’re updating or renovating a space it can be temping to just buy everything new. But actually, the whole concept of farmhouse relies on reinventing a lot of the things you have and making them feel new again.

Antique or Vintage Trunk Coffee Table

Another great way to incorporate the upcycling trend into your renovation is to go antiquing and nick-nack shopping! Vintage trunk sales and antique stores can actually have some great finds if you take your time and make sure to look in the right places. Its kind of like trying to look through a charity shop for a nice dress; you need to put in quite a bit of effort to find something, but that one time you do, it’s the most perfect piece.

Finding an item like a trunk and repurposing it as a coffee table by sanding it down and putting a glass top on it is a great way to reinvent an old piece of furniture.

farmhouse decorations for living room
Farmhouse style trunk : Amazon

Natural Driftwood Shelf

The farmhouse look and style might seem overly put together, but I can assure you that it doesn’t need to be. The best thing you can do when picking out accents and décor for your farmhouse space is grabbing things which don’t have sharp and clear cut edges or bold colours and shapes.

Rusted metal and jagged wood are two things that you would usually avoid but are more than accepted within this design style and décor family.

Rustic Wooden Feature Wall with Wallpaper

Everyone loves an accent wall don’t they. Whether it’s a modern floral or colourful block, wallpaper can add a depth to a room that was otherwise dominated by white walls.

The rustic look screams farmhouse and laid back comfort and style. Try out the look of a wooden accent wall to bring the rustic touches you want straight into the fabric and being of your home.

farmhouse decorations for living room_Wallpaper
White washed wood farmhouse style feature wall : Amazon

Metal & Wood Combined

This idea is often associated with the New York loft look, but moulds and fits into other genres of design such as the farmhouse style design family. Combining metal and wood has a similar effect on a space as putting in a feature wall.

The look and feel of the both of them are so different and unique from each other that they actually stand in their own right while also complimenting each other. Reclaimed wood relaxes the sharp edges of the metal and those same sharp edges define the more relaxed wood look.

Farmhouse Dining Table

If your living room is part of an open area that combines with the dining area, the farmhouse theme can be carried through by selecting a traditional style dining table. First, consider the type of farmhouse theme you have planned so far.

Is it going to be a rustic wooden table or are you more interested in something more modern? To get the traditional farmhouse look, go for a solid wood dining table with turned legs ( these look like they are curved calved in with a wood turning lathe).

These can often be found in second hand stores and refurbished by sanding back and finishing with a rough white wash. If it is a wooden table with an antique look to it, the more rustic rough finish will work well. These old wooden tables come in a wide variety of sizes and styles from large rectangular extendable versions to small circular types.

farmhouse decorations for living room
Farmhouse Decorations for the Living Room; White washed dining table from Amazon

However, if you are looking for a modern table, then there are many options available for you. To modernise the style, look at wooden tables that incorporate concrete tops or wrought iron legs.

Create Calm with Layered Lighting

Another way to make such a dining room feel more authentic is to get the lighting correct. With traditional styled tables and chairs, it is necessary to have proper lighting. The dining area will be well lit, creating a cozy, warm, comfortable atmosphere. Layer the lighting with accent, task and ambient lighting; for more tips on lighting take a look at this article.

Taking the Chalkboard from the Classroom to the Living Room

Trying out a chalkboard is not only a great practical idea in terms of writing out messages or changing the design you have on them; it also brings a rustic and old-timey look into a space. Chalkboards are associated with old schoolhouses, and can make a space feel really nostalgic.

Repurposed Farmhouse Vases

farmhouse decorations for living room_milk can

Rustic decor touches like metal milk jugs repurposed as vases and natural materials like white-washed wood are an affordable way to decorate your living room with the farmhouse theme.

When buying vases for a farmhouse kitchen space, you can try upcycling an old tin can or repurposing an interesting shaped glass that you found in a flea market, for example.

With the right farmhouse decorations for your living room you can easy transform the space. Whether you love it or hate it, no one can deny the way this design theme transforms a house to a home.  Make your living room feel that little bit more warm and inviting by adding subtle touches and accents of farmhouse charm here and there. Even if all you have is an extra hundred in your pocket, you can still add a little slice of farmhouse heaven to your living space.

Turning your living room into a farmhouse design dream does not have to break the bank or be overly complicated. Try out some of these top tips and get started today!