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Boho Rainbow Nursery in 5 Simple Steps

The boho style is loved in interior design for its rich sense of history and culture. A beautiful mini trend I’m seeing evolve is boho rainbow nurseries.

How to Create a Boho Rainbow Nursery

To create a boho rainbow nursery select nursery furniture in natural colours and materials then add décor such as;

  • Boho rainbow wall décor ; wall decal or mural, framed prints
  • Boho rainbow mobile
  • A dream catcher

Authentic Boho Interior Design

To design a boho rainbow nursery that feels authentic let’s take a look at where this trend originates from. 

Boho is an eclectic trend, capturing patterns, prints and styles from many European countries. Stemming from France, the trend represents the nomadic lifestyle of artisan and musical travellers in the mid 19th century. 

The term Bohemianism or Boho was used because these people were originally thought to have arrived from Bohemia (Czech Republic). These people represented free love and frugal living, the interior design trend reflects this organic and natural aesthetic. 

What Colours to Use for a Boho Nursery?

The boho colour pallet is earthy natural hues with deep rich burgundy and emerald green. This helps differentiate boho from hippie. The hippie trend in the 60s featured more purple and ‘DIY’ type patterns like tie dye rather than the European, Turkish, Moroccan, geometric and eclectic patterns be see in the current boho trend. 

How to Start a Boho Rainbow Nursery

Given that boho rainbow nurseries are a mini trend, it’s easiest to design a boho nursery and bring in the rainbows as an accent with decor.

1. Essential Nursery Furniture

One of the first essential items is a boho crib; you can read more that specifically in this article; Boho Cribs & Decor.

Other nursery storage and furniture is sometimes bought as a set with the crib such as matching drawers and a change table but this eclectic style lends itself to mixing and matching furniture and natural materials. For example a wooden crib , cane shelving and rattan rocking chair.

2. Boho Floor Rug

The second element is the floor rug. Unlike the crib that can be simple and styled to suit any number of trends a Turkish, Persian or Moroccan pattern floor rug is a statement piece that really makes a room boho.

Persian style rug below for a more authentic boho look which can be paired with subtle boho rainbow decor.

Or go for a fun rainbow pattern floor rug that keeps with the boho colour pallet. 

3. Boho Rainbow Wall Decor:

Advances in digital printing means it is affordable and easy to have a mural printed to cover a whole wall. This is a real statement piece, many of these wall mural businesses give you the option to order the mural at set sizes or a custom size to suit your nursery. 

Boho rainbow nursery wall art ; Amazing Wallpaper on Etsy 

DIY Wall Art / Paint :

If you’re open to DIY then painting a rainbow to create your own wall art will not only save you big dollars but also fit the theme beautifully. You could either paint directly on the wall or do a few small watercolour painting and frame them. The free handed shape like in this painted boho rainbow perfectly represents the free spirited organic style that is boho.  

Get all of your furnishings and decor first then match the colours you have and see if extra accent colours need to be added in. You could find that you end up needed to add in a bit more colour because all your furnishings and decor are too neutral and need livening up. In general go with soft pink, peach, light tan and burgundy or ochre. 

This boho rainbow is actually a fabric peel and stick wall mural from FunLife on Amazon

Wall Decal

Wall decals have come a long way in the past few years. They can easily be pealed off if you change your mind on the positioning or if they don’t go on correct the first time.

This rainbow wall decal is from FunLife and comes with individual stick on hearts and spots. 

5. Boho Rainbow Mobile

I covered a couple of  rainbow mobiles in the boho cribs article but here is another that would suite a boho rainbow nursery.

Boho rainbow mobile for nursery;  check availability and best price on Amazon. 

6. Boho Dream Catcher

Dream catchers originate from native American culture but were really popular in the 60’s revival of boho interior design. The web hoop would be adorned with sacred objects and were traditionally hung over a crib or bed to protect babies and children. 

Dream catchers are a beautiful way to include a variety of  textures and materials to the nursery. Traditionally the hoop would be made from willow and the web would be made from plant fibres… now you can head over to a craft store and pick up a crochet hoop and some twine 🙂 

Add in feathers, sparkly beads to capture the light and tassels of a variety of yarns. Extra brownie points if you try dying the yarn and fibres yourself!

Tree of life dream catcher for styling a boho nursery; available on Amazon

For more nursery inspiration and ideas check out the A to Z of Nursery Themes.