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navy blue bedroom walls

Choosing the Perfect Wall Colour for Teenage Bedrooms

Your teen is unique and they need a space that reflects that when it comes to designing their bedroom. Choosing bold wall colours is a great way to do this but having too much strong colour in a space designed for sleep can go very wrong.

How to choose the perfect wall colour for your teenager’s bedroom

Balance the use of your teenagers favourite colours and while knowing how colour effects emotions.

Colour can create certain moods. It’s used in marketing to influence people to make certain decisions and trigger different emotions.

Have you ever noticed the clothes you wear are selected subconsciously depending on your mood. When your feeling upbeat and happy on Friday that it’s the end of the week your more likely to select brighter colourful clothing that amplifies your mood.

Often the colours you like are associated with earlier life events, was your school uniform peppermint green and now you can’t stand that colour? Interpretation of colour is in some ways different for each individual but studies show some colours have a universal effect.

Most studies analyse the three primary and three secondary colours; red, orange, yellow (warm colours) and green, blue, violet (cool colours).

Light Yellow Room Colours & How to Use Yellow Room Paint

Why is the standard colour for post-its and highlighters yellow? Yellow stimulates the left side of the brain which is creative and logical.

Being the lightest and brightest colour, yellow promotes feelings of happiness and hope.

When used in excess or with people who are already anxious it can escalate these emotions. The teenage bedroom ideas below have beautifully balanced the use of yellow room paint with white.

Yellow room paint
Light yellow room colours balanced with white.
Image credit : Idealhome.co.uk
Yellow room paint
Using a splash of yellow room paint to emphasise and centralise the bed head.
Original source unknown.
Yellow room paint
Add a burst of colour with a light yellow wall decal: Amazon

The clever use of the yellow circular shape painted on the wall where the bed head is positioned brings together the shelving, bedhead and bedside table. These large geometric coloured shapes can be bought as wall decals which is a quick and easy alternative to painting.

Burnt Orange Room Decor

Orange conjures up feelings of optimism and physical energy. On the negative side it can promote pessimism (feelings of despair).

When selecting orange tones for wall colours in a teenage bedroom go for softer, natural tones rather than harsh bright oranges so the room isn’t overwhelming or add colour with the decor rather than the wall paint.

Burnt Orange Room Decor
Embroidered quilt by jungalow.com
Burnt Orange Room Decor .
Spindle bed from Walkeredisonshop.com
Burnt Orange Room Decor Chair
Burnt Orange Room Decor.
Armchair from Amazon

Red Bedroom Paint Ideas

In marketing red is used to increase appetite and is also associated with sexuality. It’s a bold colour that conjures strong feelings like passion and anger. Red is scientifically proven to raise blood pressure.

Next time you’re in an office environment, watching the news or a public speaker notice how often these people convey power and confidence by wearing red. A little can go a long way, you may see politicians wearing a red tie.

In interior design red can be used powerfully to create romantic bedroom settings but if used in excess it will create agitation.

Red maybe not the best idea for paint the whole room unless using a deeper tone like in the picture below. Or bring in pops of red with decor instead.

Red bedroom paint ideas
Red wall colour ideas (Original source unknown).

Red Teenage bedroom decor
Bring in a pop of colour with red furnishings: Red velvet study chair from Amazon

Check out Teenage Room Decor Amazon and 100 Easy Home Office Decorating Tips to Improve Organisation, Productivity and Design for more tips on adding colour with room decor.

Green Accent Wall Bedroom

Associated with nature, green is the colour of life and promotes calmness. Lighter greens are associated with a fresh feeling and darker greens reflect prestige, security and stability.

Green accent wall bedroom
Green room colour for teenage bedroom walls.
Emerald green parrot cushion from AliceAcremanSilks

For the decor, rich fabrics like velvet and silk help create an opulent, grand feel. Adding draped plants promotes calm and tranquility.

Green accent wall bedroom
Light green wall colour and draped vines to create a calm teenage bedroom.

Blue is another calming colour. It’s associated with the sea, the sky and promotes feelings of peace and serenity.

Why don’t we see any fast food signs along the highway with blue signage? It has the opposite effect of red, blue reduces appetite and lowers blood pressure.

navy blue bedroom walls
Navy blue bedroom walls.
Image credit : intwohomes.co.uk
navy blue bedroom walls
Blue duvet cover from Amazon

Purple Bedroom Accents

Purple or violet represent spirituality and promotes introspection and imagination. Purple is used in marketing to suggest superiority which comes from its association with royalty.

People drawn to the colour purple are usually sensitive and tranquil.

Deep rich purple creates a luxurious feel and can be perfect for a feminine, vintage inspired bedroom. I love anything with earthy purples and deep burgundy. Anything with gold and silver also works well in this theme.

Great colours like this will make your room feel more like a lux hotel than a bedroom!

purple bedroom accents
Purple perfect wall colour for teenage bedrooms.
Image credit : fabmood.com

There are so many wonderful and timeless teen girl bedroom decorating ideas that it’s hard to choose just one!

I love anything vintage, old world, or unique. Even when your teen has grown up and comes back home they will still enjoy being in a colourful room. That’s what really makes it fun! Anything original, and a little off the normal, is perfect.