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Rattan entry table

How to Choose & Style a Rattan Entry Table

Rattan furniture is back in a big way, it’s no wonder with the way it brings in natural soft tones and delicate texture. By choosing a rattan entry table you’re setting an elegant scene for the rest of your home.

Finding the perfect entry table means combining practicality with beautiful design… Preferably at a price that doesn’t break the bank. In this article I take a look at how to choose the perfect rattan entry table, why rattan furniture is so popular, how to style a rattan entry table and what rattan actually is.

How to Choose the Perfect Rattan Entry Table

The following elements are important in choosing the right rattan entry table for your house;

  1. Space: Is your entrance a narrow hallway? If yes, look for a console table that is slim line or curved to avoid bumps as this is a high traffic area.
  2. Height & other furnishings : The average entry table height is about 30 inches. In some homes the entry opens straight into the lounge area and the lounge chair is used to separate the entry walkway from the lounge room. In this case, if you are looking for an entry table that will run along the back of the couch make sure the height is not greater than the chair.
  3. Design & practicality : Make an impactful first impression. Clear the clutter, this entry table with rattan drawers provides space to stash keys and designates a spaces to tuck shoes out of the way.
Rattan entry table

How to Style a Rattan Entry Table

To style a rattan entry table, it’s important to work with the rattan texture and colour. Key pieces to include are a mirror, lighting, storage and one beautiful item that has meaning. I have a beautiful terracotta pottery vase I bought on a holiday with my girlfriends, we were doing a winery tour and this pottery barn was a ‘bonus’ stop along the way. I’m sure they do very well with sales from wine-plied ladies passing through! But the point is, have something that makes you smile and brings some personality & memories into your home.

It’s easy to go overboard with décor but as a general rule to minimize clutter the items placed on the entry table must have a purpose. A mirror that is around the same width as the entry table brings all the items together and is practical for checking yourself out as you head out the door 😉

Why is Rattan So Popular ?

Rattan is popular for its intricate design and the instant casual charm it brings to a room. Natural fibres such as rattan always brings a warmth and ease to a room. Rattan is also strong, light weight and can be very affordable. 

Furniture designers love working with rattan because it can be moulded into a range of amazing shapes; some of the most popular large lamp shades right now are rattan designs.

Also, the intricate patterns that can be woven from rattan add instant effortless elegance to cupboard drawers and doors.

When was rattan furniture Popular ?

Rattan furniture was really popular in the 70’s. Some original pieces you might find in vintage stores are the cane rattan arched shelves and the rocking chairs with rattan insets. These can carry the graceful look of rattan through the rest of your house following on from the rattan entry table.

Will Rattan Furniture go out of style?

Rattan isn’t a fleeting trend. Rattan furniture has had a place in many homes since the 70’s and has made it’s way back into core furniture pieces with the boho trend so it seems to be here to stay. It’s diverse, subtle style has woven its way into coastal and Hampton’s interior design as well.

What is Rattan & What is Rattan Made Of ?

Rattan composed of plant fibres such as reed and cane but there is now also synthetic rattan which is a man-made product.  These fibres are flexible enough to be woven into intricate designs.

Are rattan and wicker the same ?

Rattan and wicker are not the same but are often confused. These terms describe the way the strands of fibre are woven together. Wicker is a style of close weave, the strands of fibre are closely packed leaving no holes. The most popular rattan weave at the moment has a squared structure with a circular hole that repeats.

Can rattan furniture be painted?

Rattan furniture can be painted to revive vintage pieces with damage or to match the colour scheme of your interior design theme. Spray painting rattan is the best option rather than brush painting because it creates a thin, even coating that doesn’t clog up the intricate design and texture.

If you can’t find spray paint in the colour you need, have a water based paint mixed up at your local hardware store. This can be thinned down by adding more water, apply one coat at first with a brush then repeat if needed or pour the paint into a paint sprayer. Paint sprayers are cheap and easy to use but make sure to spray outdoors or in a protected area where the overspray isn’t going to ruin other furniture or carpet!

Is rattan furniture durable?

Rattan furniture is very durable which is one of the reasons it is so popular. The cane rattan is generally stronger than reed rattan. If buying synthetic rattan then the strength depends on the quality of the materials used. For example some outdoor furniture companies use a man-made rattan which is specially designed to withstand sun, heat and the outdoor elements.