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Are Chandeliers Old Fashioned?

What is Considered a Chandelier?

Less commonly known as girandole, chandeliers are hung as a singular light fitting rather than in groups like pendant lighting. Pendant have a single cord, single light, less decorative elements and are usually smaller in size and hung in groups. Chandeliers differ to pendant lights as they usually have multiple lights with a branched design.

Chandeliers evolved from medieval candelabras made of candles which later evolved to gas lighting then electric. Their expensive decorative design was (and still can be) a luxury status symbol.

Are Chandeliers Old Fashioned?

No, chandeliers are a form of art and will continue to change with interior design trends over time. There are some styles that have become less popular over time as they simply dont align with our lifestyles and home decor.

Are crystal chandeliers out of style?

Although most lighting manufacturers will disagree, yes. Crystal chandeliers are beautiful but they are very much out of style in 2021. They are a classic chandelier which is more ornate and use crystals to refract light.

If you have a classic styled home then a crystal chandelier may suit your décor but in terms of home décor trends other styles of chandeliers have taken the forefront.

Are brass chandeliers out of style?

This is an interesting question. Brass is very on trend. Gold hardware had a brief popularity stint in 2019-2020 but this has evolved into designers playing with old-gold tones like brass which has been reinforced by the industrial trends rolling on in 2021. However, the ornate styles of brass chandeliers are out of style.

One very popular type is the modern radial globe chandelier (sputnick). This is a simple geometric, modern design and comes in shades of gold and brass. There are lots of variations on this design, one of the reasons this style has persisted in popularity is its use in mid century modern.

What are Different Types of Chandeliers ?

There are endless types of chandeliers and chandelier-style light fittings from super modern and alternative to softer boho designs. I’ve included a few favourites for 2021 ; woven, mid-century modern, beaded, boho, black and modern.

White woven chandelier

White-on–white is still a major trend in home design and this goes for light fittings as well. Large pendant style light fittings made from rope, fabric and wicker make for beautiful focal points in simple white rooms. They can lift an otherwise boring room by adding texture, select a large chandelier to create drama.

This rattan light comes in 3 sizes; 35, 40 and 50 cm and is available in black and white.

Black and gold mid-century modern chandelier

Mid century modern is a big trend for 2021. The sputnick chandelier is named after the worlds first orbiting satellite that was launched in 1957. They come in a wide range of variations but essentially are made of a collection of arms with lights on the end, joined by a central core. They come in both flush mount and pendant mount designs so the flush mount option is great for rooms that don’t have the height for pendant style lighting.

Wood beaded light fixture

Beaded chandeliers are a more casual take but can be just as grand. They fit the boho, farmhouse or Hamptons décor and can be used in almost any room. When your room starts to feel heavy with one dominant design material like dark wood or brass, these beaded designs can bring in a subtle new element. These can also come in flush mount designs for low ceilings.

Gray beaded light fixture

Black wicker chandelier

Perfect for dark moody spaces, this black wicker chandelier measures 35 x 35 cm and is made of woven bamboo.

Modern chandelier black

Add effortless style with a modern black chandelier that integrates smart home technology. This Minimalist modern take on chandeliers can be adapted to different shapes as an interactive art form. The LED lights rotate individually creating a ring shape, radial,  perpendicular or diagonal ( above).

Boho beaded light fixture

These natural beaded chandeliers tend to go with anything explaining why they are still notoriously popular in 2021. They tie in beautifully with rattan rugs and natural fibres.

Chandeliers can completely transform a room. Take a look at each room in your house and question if it has a wow factor.

Next time you have a guest at your house pay attention to what they look at when they enter a room, are they draw in and at ease in the space? Are they looking around and standing back because the decor is too busy? It may need simplifying and centralising with a key piece of artwork or light fitting.

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