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Teenage room decor amazon

Teenage Room Decor Amazon

Updating your teenager’s bedroom doesn’t have to be an expensive or time consuming task. It’s a great opportunity to spend some time with your daughter or son and find out what their dreams and aspirations really are.

The teenage years can be challenging, both for parents and teenagers! The parents are navigating mood swings, changing personalities and going from being the adored parent to being their biggest enemy for no reason at all! Teenagers are under the pressure of making decisions about their future careers, keeping up with social media and their changing friend groups.

The bedroom can be a space that reflects who they are, what they enjoy doing and where they want to go in life. It’s their own personal sanctuary where they can be themselves.

I’ve sourced some great products on Amazon for low cost, high impact décor for teenage bedroom design. After all, many teens dread hanging out with their parents at the shops so this way you can shop together from the comfort of home and have it delivered to your door.  

Take some time out with your teen to go through the questionnaire together, write down your answers separately then compare. You might be surprised at their answers. These can prompt your creative juices for colour and design themes.

How to Style My Teenager’s Bedroom : Questionnaire

  • What are your top two favourite colours ?
  • What is your favourite hobby?
  • What is your favourite subject at school?
  • What country would you love to go to some day?
  • What was your favourite past holiday location?

Paris Themed Bedroom Ideas

If your teenager is dreaming of a gap year travelling after they finish school then design a space that inspires them to go to that place. For example, pick out a few places that are her dream destinations and see which location has enough décor that you can decorate the room based on it. You could have an Eiffel Tower print or a mural of the pyramids of Giza or a four poster bed with light gauze drapes and palm leaf fan reflecting the tropics.

Reading Corner Ideas for Bedroom

Is your daughter or son an avid reader? Make them a full wall bookshelf where they can display all of their books. You don’t need to be good with tools, there are some great flat packs that are easy to put together. If you have the space, create a reading nook with a comfy chair or a bean bag and cool floor lamp.

Outdoor Themed Room for Teenagers

Is your teen the outdoorsy type?  Why not bring the wild into your space by introducing room accessories that remind you of a day at the beach or a mountain top view? Pick out rugged pieces of furniture like pine and other types of wood that are very “earthy”. Rattan is also a great option for chairs or tables, bamboo is another great option too. Paint colour options could be azure blue, forest green or simple white hues with pops of colour from décor.

How Can I Make My Teenager’s Bedroom Look Good with Plants?

This is extremely easy to do and you don’t have to be a designer to use this design tip well. Just find an interesting pot- if you don’t have one on hand Kmart and Amazon have a good range of modern designs for great prices.

There are some great inexpensive plastic pots that look like stone or concrete. Terracotta pots are also very affordable and look great in rooms with earthy colour pallets. If you have a simple white pot at home it can be dressed up with a bamboo pot stand. Then head to your local plant nursery.

To get an idea of which plants will grow well indoors go to the indoor plants area of the garden store. Plants that are growing outside in direct light won’t survive well once moved into the bedroom. There’s no mystery to buying these either, simply choose greenery that you like, and flowers that complement the colors in your room.

The easiest, low maintenance plants that I grow indoors are devils ivy and succulents. A cutting of devils ivy can happily grow in a jar of water so you can easily see when it needs topping up. Succulents thrive in dry conditions so only need watering occasionally, I make sure the soil has dried out before giving them another drink to prevent overwatering.

Teenage room decor amazon
Teenage Bedroom Decor Cactus Plant Set : Amazon
Teenage room decor amazon
Plant Pot and Stand for Teenage Bedroom Decoration : Amazon

What is the Best Colour for a Teenage Bedroom?

Choosing a colour can be tricky if your teenager isn’t motivated to choose a favourite. Room colour is scientifically proven to have an effect on mood so this can be a good starting point (more on this in 100 Easy Home Office Decorating Tips to Improve Organisation, Productivity and Design; A study published in Sage journals investigated how colour can level out emotions and change our mood).

Blues and greens are calming colours so these colour themes are a far better choice than agitating reds. These tones promote restful sleep and a calm mind. Orange is good for motivation and energy but if you go with this colour theme use a neutral colour on the walls and introduce pops of colour with the décor like the wall art, throw blankets and cusions.

Repainting the room can have a great impact but it’s time consuming and isn’t necessary. For a simple bedroom with neutral wall colours pick a single colour and introduce décor in a variety of shades and textures. If your teenager wants a red bedroom (but you can’t think of anything worse) then find a cool poster or print that has reds in it and then add a funky red chair or other room accessory.  

Pictures for teenage room
Red Anime Pictures for Teenage Room : Amazon
Pictures for teenage room
Colour Hanging Wall Art for Teenage Bedroom : Amazon

A bedroom “just for them” is a room designed to encourage, inspire and cement feelings of love and acceptance and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

For teenage boys room inspiration have a look at some of the ideas in Bedroom Décor for Teenage Guys.