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Wall decor for teenage guy_white brick wall paper

Bedroom Décor for Teenage Guys

So your boy is outgrowing his bedroom…. The zoo animal wall decals and glow in the dark stickers that he once thought were the coolest thing ever are now embarrassing!

It’s time to help him upgrade his décor man-cave accessories so he has a space that he’s proud of and feels like his own personalised piece of the house.

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Room Accessories for Teenage Guys

Create a theme for the room around his hobbies. Is he into sports, music or gaming? Make the gear he uses part of the design. For example make his basket balls or guitar a feature by installing hooks to hang them on the wall, this also helps free up floor space.

One of the biggest challenges is probably going to be getting him engaged so involving his interests will help.

This hanging basketball laundry hamper is a great idea, especially for a basketball themed room. It hangs off the wardrobe door so can be hidden away but also frees up floor space.

Tip: Make using storage as easy as possible!! Is getting your teen to hang his jacket on a hanger like asking him to run a marathon? If you have the space, a coat stand could be a good idea. If space is limited install some cool feature hook on the wall.

Using wall space is a great trick for small rooms and there are so many creative ways to do this. Check out the vertical wall storage section in 100 Easy Home Office Decorating Tips. Install a peg board on the wall with hooks and shelves that can be customised to suit him. This can be a great way to show off his collection of caps.

Keep the extra ‘stuff’ to a minimum. Make sure each element you add to the room has purpose, don’t add objects that look cool but take up space.

Bedroom décor for teenage guys_guitar
Image Credit : Mr.Kate

If your teenage boy has action figures or trophies that he likes having out on display then custom open shelving is a great (and cheap) design idea.

Bedroom Storage

Generally the furniture in a teenage boy’s room consists of a bed, tall boy or chest of drawers and a study desk but does that suit his needs? Take a good look at what is left out on the floor and desk when his room is untidy. Does he need extra storage for bags or a way to organise all his Sony controllers or cords?

Make the furniture and storage solutions interesting!

These lockers are way cooler than open shelving and also awesome for hiding away clutter. Source some old second hand lockers, fixing them up will be an easy DIY project.

Room accessories for teenage guys_locker cupboard
Image Credit : Aundra Designs & Co

Wall Art for Teenage Bedroom

Previously I mentioned its best no to add thing just because they are cool to avoid clutter. Where you CAN add ‘Just Because it’s Cool’ design features is by adding wall art or wall décor. Don’t stop at just giving the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Peel and stick wall decor are great because they can be removed easily when your teenager’s tastes change.

This LED neon gamers light will transform your teen’s bedroom into a cool man cave.

Wall Decor for Teenage Guys

Your teenage boys room doesn’t have to have a theme. Create a feature wall with peel and stick wall paper in exposed brick to give an industrial feel.

Prints and signage are an easy quick way to give your teenager’s bedroom some personality. So often I see people making the mistake of buying artwork that is too small for the space. If you order a small print, frame it in a generous frame and buy some cardboard to create a wide border around the print or photo.

Most teenage boy’s rooms lack character and personality, they are just a functional space to sleep and keep their stuff. By updating the room in a way that he is proud of will hopefully motivate him to keep it clean!