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Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Teenager tastes change so much from when they are in their tween years to older teenagers so how do you decorate a bathroom that can transform with them over the years?

The trick is to keep the hardware and fixtures neutral and transform the bathroom to their taste with décor that can be swapped out and updated.

This doesn’t need to be expensive. Change out the soft furnishings such as towels and the bathmat from the hot pink she loved when she was 13 to an on-trend mature colour pallet.

Teenage Bathroom Wall Decor

Wall décor includes mirrors, posters, prints and wall decals.

Most bathroom mirrors are hard fixed to cabinetry or cut to size fitting the available wall space. Additional mirrors can be added as a design feature or replaced with more interesting shaped mirrors. Arch mirrors are big right now and if you have the space consider adding a full length mirror.

The mirror lighting can be a stand out feature of the bathroom. For a teenager that is starting to play with makeup and hair styling then they will love a theatre style bathroom mirror. LED lighting strips are an easy cheap alternative. These can be bought as peel and stick strips that attach straight onto surfaces. There are motion sensor activated versions available too that will light up when you walk into the room.

Hollywood style LED strip lighting for adding glam to your teenagers bathroom.
Dimmable Hollywood make up mirror for a teen bathroom from Amazon.
Arch mirrors are on trend right now. Wall mounted options are great for small teen bathrooms.

If your teen is into makeup a cosmetics trolley can be a practical and stylish addition. Organise all the make up brushes, hair dryers and straighteners in cute storage boxes. Cleaning products can also be stored in nice spray bottles and kept at hand to try and encourage your teen to use them!

Cosmetics trolley for organising a teenage bathroom : Amazon
Refillable designer bottles by Bottiful Home

Small Teen Bathrooms

Using the wall space with mirrors, posters and prints is a great option if the bathroom is small. Some other ideas for small teenage bathrooms are choosing stylish storage options and using the floor space.

If the bathroom is very small use a shower caddy to store soaps and shampoo bottles to organise the shower space. Bamboo shower caddies are both beautiful and functional, matching bamboo clothes hampers are a great idea too. Because surface space will likely be limited you don’t want to clutter up the surface space with additional décor, make everything you have at the basin functional. Instead, add wall and floor décor. Use the floor space to add colour with a bright or colourful floor mat or runner .

If you have a toilet cistern with a flush mechanism on the side rather than the top, a custom shelf can be fitted to use this space. If your cistern does have a flush button on top add open shelving above the toilet otherwise this is unused space.

Small bathroom design ideas: These over toilet and shower caddy units are easy to install and require no drilling.

If your teen has lots of electrical appliances like hair dryers and straighteners that clutter up the bench space then try a customised draw space that organises these items and keeps cords tucked away.

Organise corded items with a wall mounted storage unit.

This storage unit can sit inside a bathroom drawer to tidy and hide away hair straighteners and dryers.

Teenage Bathroom Shower Curtain

The shower curtain doesn’t need to be just a practical part of the bathroom. Find a bold print or a shower curtain that matches the theme of the room.

Create a Calming Bathroom for your Anxious Teen.

To bring the bathroom to the next level of zen add a luxurious scent. This can be done with scented candles or oils. This is a great tip if you have a particularly stressed or anxious teen. Have you ever walked into a day spa and felt all your muscles relax as soon as you walk through the door? They set a calming vibe by using relaxing music and calming essential oils. Scents that calm include lavender, jasmine and ylang ylang.

Calming lavender and eucalyptus candle for creating a calming bathroom for your teen.
Peppermint, cedar, clove and eucalyptus candle by Sweet Water Decor.

Bathroom accessories can change the look and feel of the bathroom. Remember, the key to decorating a teenager’s bathroom is adding décor that can be updated over time to suit their evolving taste.

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