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Entry Foyer Ideas

Inspiring Entry Foyer Ideas to Create an Inviting Home

The foyer can sometimes be overlooked but this space is the first glimpse guests get to the interior design of your home. The foyer is the first space you enter when you walk into a building. It can be a small hallway or a large, grand space with a staircase to the next storey.

Whether small or large the foyer can create an inviting first impression.

entry hall decor ideas_ Cornices
Draw the eye upwards with interesting cornices
or molding between the ceiling and the wall.

Front Door Entryway Ideas

The space before you enter the foyer should feel inviting. Think about the front door and entryway design at the same time as styling the foyer.

The front door can be replaced with a more interesting design such as the traditional wood look with insets, or a modern design with glass. Glass front doors have the benefit of letting light in if you have a dark hallway entrance. Consider getting frosted glass for privacy if your entrance opens into a living area.

 If replacing the front door isn’t in budget then painting it a bold colour can have amazing impact.

Front Door Entrance Décor

If your renting there are easy ways to make your entrance beautiful without permanent changes. Adding styling items such as pots, growing plants that creep around your entrance or modern seating .

Entrance front door decor ideas:

  • Feature lighting : industrial cage lighting each side of the door, down lights or upward lighting that washes the wall. This highlights the texture in the wall and looks beautiful on old brick work.
  • Pots and feature plants; think of large concrete or stone look pots, wicker pot covers.
  • For a glamorous upgrade to the door mat, replace it with an outdoor entrance rug or layer up both.
  • Seating: a small bench-seat or stool at the front door is welcoming and also a lovely place to sit to meet the neighbours and passers-by. If you have a large entryway a hanging wicker egg chair creates a relaxed coastal feel.
  • Rustic Door handle or push plate.
  • Planter stand ; these elevate the pot and make it a more of a design feature. They can be made from a wooden or metal frame.
  • House number planter or signage. Combine your house number with lighting to make it a more spacial feature.

Double front entry door ideas :

Replacing a single front door with side panels with double front doors can have a big impact. Double front doors have a grand feeling and can completely transform your homes entry.

double front entry door ideas
Double front entry door ideas. Image credit: Room for Tuesday

Entry Table Decorating Ideas

Entry tables can be beautiful as well as functional. It’s the first glimpse to the home’s interior design but often falls short when we come in the door and offload our bags, keys and shoes!

If the entrance to your home opens to a hallway, a slim buffet with cupboards or drawers can hide away the junk and also work as a stylish entrance decor table.

A central table with a single plant or centre piece works well for larger entrances that open to a foyer. The table will feel inviting and people will gravitate into the foyer towards it.

Entry Foyer Ideas table
For larger foyers use a round table to centre the space.

Front entry table décor ideas:

  • Books; stack up a few interesting interior decorating books to keep you inspired.
  • Plants: live plants always add a welcoming feel but for lower maintenance use artificial plants or dried cuttings like blue eucalyptus.
  • Storage baskets tucked under a hallway table are really practical for gathering all the things you need to remember when you duck out next to run errands.
  • Family and holiday photos in frames that match the overall feel of the foyer.

Entry Hallway Ideas

Hallways can feel small and dark so it’s especially important to make entrance hallways feel light, bright and inviting with some clever styling.

Entry hall decor ideas:

  • Feature lighting : wicker light shades, industrial or beaded chandeliers
  • Pendant lights : repeat these down the length of the hall to create drama
  • Textured walls : Add texture the walls with shiplap, exposed brick or strips of wood beading
  • Floating shelves
  • Small buffet table : slim side tables or small corner pedestal tables are great for hallways
  • Shoes cabinet: Ikea has a couple of narrow vertical shoe cabinets that are a great addition if shoes always seem to pile up by your front door.
  • Runner / rug ; There are some gorgeous rustic turkish rugs in trend at the moment
  • Paint: If the hallway feels small and dark paint in a light colour to make the space seem larger.
  • For high ceilings draw the eye upwards with interesting cornicing or a ceiling rose.
Entry hall decor ideas
Slim buffet table perfect for a hallway entrance decorated with
dried Australian native eucalyptus cuttings.