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Bathroom remodel ideas 2021

7 Ideas for Decorating Bathrooms in Your Home

We’ve all heard the saying that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. The home decorator’s ultimate challenge is to create a bathroom that meets your practical needs but also makes the property stand out. While there is no right or wrong there are some general tips that can make this task easier.

Let’s take a look at how you can create a stylish yet functional bathroom.

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Bathroom design theme – Vintage mid-century modern bathroom

Consider the theme of the house. I often keep the common areas of the house fairly neutral and decorate with colour and art that can be easily updated as my taste changes but the bathroom is an opportunity to play with bolder design. If there is a common theme that runs throughout the house, then vamp it up in the bathroom and have fun with the theme. For instance, the vintage mid-century modern theme is huge right now, so consider making some small design tweaks to create a mid century modern bathroom remodel.

mid century modern bathtub
Mid Century Modern Bathtub

How to decorate bathroom walls

A beautiful trend right now is timber feature walls, use timer look tiles or even wall paper to bring instant organic warmth. Other popular finishes are concrete and texture look wall paper.

If you’re renting and can’t apply any permanent changes or looking for a quick easy way to give your bathroom a facelift consider adding decorative art. You can even have a go at some simple DIY bathroom wall art.

half bathroom wallpaper ideas
Bathroom Wallpaper or Feature Wall

Stylish shower curtains

Updating the shower curtain is a high impact, quick and easy bathroom decor fix. While some people generally prefer shower screens, I love having a shower curtain in our second bathroom because it makes it easy for me to help my little ones with controlling taps.  Shower curtains have come a long way, there are so many beautiful prints to choose from at bargain prices.  These make good accent pieces, use them to introduce new bold colors or patterns in plain white bathrooms.

Amazon shower curtain

Check out home depot shower curtains or Amazon shower curtains for some bargain buys.

Modern bathroom vanities

modern bathroom vanity with a makeup area

If you have a pedestal sink consider adding a stylish vanity to beautifully store all your essentials. Back when I was renting I couldn’t make the big renovations I do on bathrooms now. I bought the Ronnskar wash basin shelf from Ikea to create a modern bathroom vanity with a makeup area.

In my current guest bathroom renovation I’ve customised a mid-century modern cabinet that I bought for $40 second hand to make a unique vanity. I’ll add before and after photos when the renovation is complete! Vanity units and shelves can be very decorative and add to the look of the room.

Arc and circle mirrors are very on trend right now and are a relatively simple way to update a bathroom. Mirrors are a fantastic hack to make the bathroom feel larger, if you have a small bathroom consider installing a full length mirror to lengthen the room. In larger bathrooms, add a free standing mirror with a bold frame for instant glam. A feature I’m planning to add in our master bathroom is two big beautiful upcycled dressing table mirrors.

How to hang a bathroom mirror
DIY Bathroom Mirror Ideas. Image credit : thelocalproject.com.au

Ladder towel rails

A simple bathroom design tip that helps with small bathroom makeovers on a budget  is to use a ladder for a towel rack. Check out second hand listings in your area to get a rustic wooden ladder to upcycle.

Ladder in bathroom for towels
Ladder in bathroom for towels. Image credit : sarahshermansamuel.com

Practical bathroom ideas

Functionality is key when designing and decorating bathrooms. The layout should work well for those who use it. Think of access to power points, storage for products and electrical items and how the room will be used. Most families consider a double basin in the master bathroom essential, but also consider master bath designs with walk in shower. This simple, practical feature is often overlooked but can be a deal maker for the elderly and mum’s handling small bubs in the shower.

half bathroom wallpaper ideas