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Closet bifold doors amazon

4 Smart ways to use Bifold Doors

  1. Hallway bifold doors
  2. Save space in small kitchens
  3. Wardrobe bifold doors & fold out closet doors
  4. Indoor-Outdoor living with folding patio doors

What are bifold doors?

Bifolds or concertina doors are partitioned segments that fold up rather than slide to open up the whole doorway. The slide and fold design is becoming more popular than sliding doors due to their convenience. They generally come in pairs and open from the centre, folding outwards giving full access to the opening.

They can be inserted into a track or trackless, trackless bifold doors are usually more affordable but don’t stay aligned with the door frame as well as tracked bifold doors.

Here we cover some of the popular exterior and interior bifold door uses.

Hallway bifold doors

Bifold doors are an ideal solution for European laundry’s. Rather than having a room for your laundry, the washing machine, dryer and sink are recessed into the wall space. If doing a renovation consider what the existing laundry could be converted to. A guest bathroom or extension, could the  space be used as an extension for a neighbouring room or kitchen. This can be a key value add to your home at sale time.

Hallway bifold door

Save space in small kitchens

The narrow design of bifold pantry doors can improve the functionality of a narrow galley kitchen. Sometimes sliding doors are used in this scenario but these limit the access, only one side of the doorway can be opened at a time. Consider using concertina kitchen doors for the pantry or other cupboards.

Bifold pantry doors

Wardrobe bifold doors & fold out closet doors

If you are space limited and can’t fit in a walk in robe, a bifold wardrobe is a great alternative. Open up the whole wall space to access your wardrobe and hide away the mess with ease.

Closet bifold doors amazon

Indoor-Outdoor living with folding patio doors

bifold glass doors exterior
Patio bifold doors. Image credit : Three Birds Renovations

 Open up your living space by installing glass bifolds. This are really popular at the moment for their ability to give uninterrupted views of the outdoors. They let in tones of light and bring the outside in for transitional living. These can come in aluminium, wood and composite frame.

I love wood frame bifold doors for the warmth that they bring to the overall design of the house. In my current home I’ve chosen aluminium as were on the beachfront and the wooden frames will require too much maintenance for us!

bifold glass doors exterior
Schweiss bifold door