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Working From Home; Create an Office Space You’ll Love

Our work-home life is becoming more fluid and so many of us are forgoing traditional work hours. I’m always drawn to my comfy couch as a makeshift working area which is less than ideal for my back and my productivity!

The aim of this article? Inspiring an office set up that is more attractive than the couch.

Home Office Location Ideas

Start with the location, you don’t have to be locked away. I love sitting by my living room window where I get the winter afternoon sun. Yes, sometimes this space can be noisy but behind my computer screen and noise cancelling headphones I create my productivity bubble.

If you don’t have a space with natural light, incorporate free standing and desk lights into your office design. This is called task lighting, it is better for reading and helps you feel alert. For more information on the 3 types of lighting, take a look at this post.

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Assess the Home Office Space & Layout

Before purchasing a desk or office furniture, assess the space and make a plan.

Check where the power points are, make sure the space where you’re planning to put the desk doesn’t involve draping cords across the walk way.

Think about the entire space, where can you have shelving and lighting?

What background will your colleagues see when you’re in a zoom call ? Avoid having your laptop camera facing the office doorway! I love seeing the accidental Zoom footage of partners casually walking past in their birthday suits but I dont want to be one of them haha!

desk extension ideas
An extendable desk is a great small office space saving idea.

Best Office Desk Design

Desk styles include corner, sit stand, L shape, built in and compact.

Think about the kind of desk do you have at work? ….and do you actually feel comfortable working at it? Do you need space for two monitors? 

If your partner or children are working from home too, consider each having your own space. The desk below could be easily made by getting a single bench-top cut to length, two trestle table legs and two under bench cabinets. Bench-tops can also be bought at standard lengths from hardware stores and IKEA.

shared office desk ideas
Double office desk ideas, do you need to make a home office for two in a small space?
L Shaped desk office ideas
L-Shaped desk office idea.

Custom Office Desk Ideas

Get a desk that you will want to spend time at!

Match it in with the overall decor of your home, is it modern, vintage, traditional or maybe industrial?   Sometimes function has to come before fashion but consider desks that are relatively neutral and decorate space with art, indoor plants or a statement furniture piece. 

A new desk may not be in your budget so consider re-finishing a desk to make it your own. Buy an old second hand desk and paint it to match your home office theme for a custom office desk.

This refinished desk before and after is by Life on Virginia Street. The matt grey colour and wood detail has bought the unloved 80s desk a new classier life 🙂

refinished desk ideas

Home Office Desk Organisation Ideas

If space is an issue, an office built in with a desk can be ideal. They are narrow and multifunctional with plenty of storage space and cabinets to hide away folders, the printer and even the monitors when you dont want to be reminded of work!

Office built in with desk
Office built in with desk. Image Credit: Honey Bear Lane

Another space saving idea is to hide your home office behind bifolds. Check out some bifold door inspiration here; 4 Smart ways to use Bifold Doors.