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Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Hello! You’ve come to the right place for bathroom decorating ideas. We have budget friendly ways for you to update your bathroom without breaking the bank, DIY bathroom remodel ideas that are simple and affordable, and small bathroom makeover ideas that will take up little time but offer big impact. Plus we’ll give you some cool tips on how to get started with a new design idea of your own. If you’re looking for some new trends in bathrooms for 2021, don’t worry because we’ve got them too!

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DIY Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

One of the best ways to stick to a tight budget when remodelling a bathroom is to DIY. I’ve done quick cosmetic remodels and major renovations. Cosmetic renovations are the cheapest option because you keep as much of the existing structure in place as possible.

Rather than replacing tile, it can be painted which is a huge saving but this needs to be done with proper preparation to make the paint last. I cover this in DIY Bathroom Remodel in 6 Easy Steps.

If you have cabinetry that is salvageable paint it, if its wood then sand it back, apply a wood stain or and revarnish but if the vanity is unsightly or in-practical the consider up-cycled cabinets. This is a great idea if you’re going for the mid century modern look. I’ve recently up-cycled a wooden cabinet into a bathroom vanity that cost $40 second hand. I sanded it back, applied a mahogany stain, crafted some mid-century style cabinet legs and installed an above bench basin.

Mirrors can by an expensive component of the bathroom but this can also be up-cycled. Playing with interesting mirror shapes such as round and arched is a popular bathroom trend in 2021. The mirror below is an up-cycled dressing table mirror.

diy bathroom mirror ideas
DIY Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Save money on your bathroom remodel by up-cycling a dressing table mirror.
Image credit : thelocalproject.com.au

There are many parts of a bathroom remodel that you can DIY but the important thing to know is when to call a plumber. In How to Save on Bathroom Remodelling Costs I cover :

  • When to hire a plumber and when to DIY
  • Replacing sinks and cabinetry
  • Identifying where the plumbing pipes are

Also take a look at DIY Bathroom Remodel in 6 Easy Steps if you’re new to renovating.

Quick and Easy DIY Master Bathroom Makeover

There are many small fixes that can be done over a weekend and require minimal effort.

Bathroom lighting often consists of a few downlights for practicality. Let the bathroom lighting become a design feature. In this article I go through the different types of lighting (ambient, task and accent lighting). Update mirror side sconce lights, add a feature light shade or consider making a statement with one of the beautiful chandeliers that are on trend right now.

Chandeliers at first sound over the top but there are so many beautiful styles that range from coastal, boho beaded themes to modern radial globe styles. If you’re considering this, have a look at Are Chandeliers Old Fashioned?

One of the quickest and easiest makeover tips is updating the shower curtain. Once daggy and dreaded by interior designers, shower curtains now come in a beautiful selection of colours, prints and patterns. Its a great way to add bold colour that cheaply and easily be swapped out when your taste changes. I have a few examples of stylish shower curtains in Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas and 7 Ideas for Decorating Bathrooms.

Another easy addition is ladder towel rails. Not only are ladder towel rails stylish but they’re also a really practical option if you have the space. If you’re going for a rustic look then browse second hand furniture listings to see if you can pick up a real ladder with lots of character. If your bathroom has a simple modern feel then a sleek light coloured bamboo will be a better option.

Bathroom Decor Ideas for Small Bathrooms

In small bathrooms it can be difficult to fit in all your bathroom essentials. If you’re in an older style house you might have a pedestal sink like below. Add shelving that slides underneath hiding the pipes and making practical use of the space.

Bathroom Decor Ideas for Small Bathrooms

One of the best ways to make over a small bathroom is to choose a new decorating theme that will help you make the most of your space and give it some personality. Add design features that dont take up space and clutter the bathroom. Think walls, floors and lighting.

Decorating bathroom walls can be as simple as hanging artwork but think bigger to pack more of a punch. This can be timber feature walls, wall paper that gives the illusion of texture like exposed brick or even consider stick on wall decals.

Another way of using the wall space is mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to make any room feel larger and lighter. Think wall mounted full length mirrors, or on trend arc and circular mirrors.

Accessorise the bathroom with decor that matches the rest of the house. For the floor, choose a bath mat or rug that emphasises your bathroom design theme. Lux Turkish runners are featuring in lots of eclectic bathroom designs at the moment.

In 2021, a popular bathroom trend that gives the illusion of space is floating vanities.  Floating vanities are an excellent choice for small bathrooms because they add style and can double as storage.

In a larger bathroom, you have room to experiment with different decor styles and ideas more freely. Freestanding tubs are still a major statement piece going into 2021 and create the ultimate relaxation zone.

Some bathroom design themes that are popular in 2021 are:

– Minimalist design

– Earthy tones and natural materials like wood or stone.

Minimalism is a trend that will never go away, people’s homes are becoming more open plan with less personal items cluttering the space – stripping back to what you need rather than having everything on display. Open shelving in bathrooms can the illusion of space and help to keep the room looking cleaner for longer.

The earthy tones and natural materials are popular because they go hand in hand with minimalism, using wood or stone tiles can give a bathroom more warmth while still keeping it clean and fresh. Wood slats on walls can make any space look like an expensive spa retreat (without the hefty price).

Shower design continues to get larger and more luxurious. Space for double shower heads are an expected standard in high end homes. Rather than the small enclosed glass structures, showers are designed as wet areas that integrate with the rest of the space.

Make a statement with large format wall tiles with microscopic grout lines. This gives the illusion of a continuous, smooth slab surface. Minimal grout also means the surfaces are easier to clean.

Bathroom wood look tiles are a popular design trend in 2021 that brings warmth to the room. Modern tiles come in innovative antibacterial, antiviral and anti pollution designs. This technology reduces the transmission of germs by making the surface uninhabitable for these viruses and bacteria.

Toilet design standards are also changing. In the 80’s toilets were usually in a room of their own, with an ugly cistern and exposed pipes which always turn the stomach when it comes to cleaning. Modern toilets are streamlined and easier to clean.

When renovating, the wall between the toilet and bathroom will often be knocked down to make better use of space. Some people will go as far as to replace the cistern with a wall mounted toilet which hides away pipes and allows you to keep your bathroom looking cleaner for longer.

Toilet design is becoming more stream lined making them easier to clean. They are becoming less of a gross eye sore and more of a subtle design friendly addition to the bathroom. Wall mounted toilets hide away the unsightly and unpleasant to clean pipes.