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Swoon Worthy Boho Cribs and Decor

Boho cribs are the subtle centre piece of a well styled, eclectic nursery. The bohemian theme has become very popular for nurseries due to its calming neutral tones and free spirited style. 

What is Boho?

Boho or bohemian stems from the historical travellers from the region Bohemia (now known as the Czech Republic). These nomads were gypsy-like artistic creatives. The style was first revived in the 60’s and has come back with a more European twist.

The design trend is eclectic and mismatched with natural colours and textures bringing everything together.

How to Style a Boho Nursery

To style a boho nursery keep the colours and furnishings neutral, accent colours can be deep red or earthy orange. Start with the essential furnishings (crib, change table and storage) then embellish with eclectic decor to take the room from basic to bohemian-chic.

Use a range of textures like jute layered with plush floor rugs, fluffy faux sheep hide, cotton or linen crib bedding. Select furniture made with natural  materials like the wooden boho crib below. Cane, rattan and wicker can be a beautiful option for shelving and extra furnishings like a rocking chair.

Elements of a Bohemian Nursery:

Boho Crib

Cribs for a boho nursery don’t need to be fussy. Choose a practical design in natural wood or white then style it with soft linen in earthy colours or a boho canopy.

Boho cribs

This crib is from Babyletto on Amazon. It’s a convertible crib meaning it’s also suitable for toddlers and can be transformed into a day bed. 

This is a larger than standard crib so if  ordering the crib mattress online either go for the Babyletto brand mattress or check the dimensions are suitable. 

This crib is made with sustainable pine wood from New Zealand and there is also a matching 3 drawer or 6 drawer dresser which have a built in change table. 

Babyletto convertible boho style crib : Check availability & price in Amazon. 

Boho Crib Canopy

Boho crib canopies add an instant wow factor to a nursery transforming a basic wooden crib to a bohemian baby bed!  This cotton canopy is from Mameria, and comes in blue, pink and white. 

As baby grows the canopy can be transformed into a reading nook tent or special hideaway.

Boho crib canopy by Mameria ; check availability & current price on Amazon. 

Boho Crib Mobile

If your feeling crafty have a go at making a DIY boho crib mobile… If not, this gorgeous little macrameme mobile is available here from Jilpak and the larger rainbow mobile is by Hi Baby

Gender Neutral Boho Crib Bedding : Linen

Simple crib bedding in natural fibres and earthy colours is a subtle touch to create a boho nursery.

These fitted sheets are made from muslin so are extra soft and come in a range of colours from sea green to terracotta.

Boho Crib Bedding Set

Choose a crib bedding set in natural earthy tones to complete the look. Select crib quilts and dust ruffles with fringing, tassels or macrame. 

The soft washed cotton bedding set below is from Brandream, it includes a baby comforter, crib sheet, and dust ruffle.

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