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Man Cave Office Ideas

Man Cave Office Ideas

You might already have a space that’s serving the purpose for hanging out and getting office work done but it doesn’t seem to earn the title of man cave right?

Start with the basic essentials then move onto the man cave office ideas that will take your space from boring to boss.  

How to create a man cave office

A man cave is typically thought to be just a place to hang out and wind down but it can also be a great place for work and focus.  Let’s start with the basic furniture and equipment to serve both relaxation and work. 

  • Desk
  • Computer monitors or space for laptop
  • Good office chair
  • Lounge or space to relax
  • TV or projector
  • Shelving or storage to put away files, documents, printer and cords.

Once the essentials are in, adding memorabilia and cool wall art or finishing touches give the space a relaxed comfortable vibe that you won’t want to leave.

Let’s start with one of the most important items, the office desk.

man cave office Desk

Space is the biggest factor in choosing the desk for your man cave office. Those big mahogany office desks might look awesome but impact the elbow room required for playing pool.

If your planning for a small man cave office then a fold away desk is a good option, especially if you’re only working from home part of the time. These can be mounted to the wall and the desk top basically folds down, out of the way.

Some masculine office desk styles include concrete look tops, industrial look desks and plain wood benches. If your keen on DIY, check out the pre-fab industrial looking furniture legs that can be mounted onto a simple wooden slab. Just sand back the bench top and finish with a couple of coats of varnish so it’s comfortable to work at.

Sit stand desks are great to keep alert and prevent stiff backs. The corner desk below has a built in section which can be raised so has a lot more space than the traditional sit stand desks which are much smaller.

Man Cave Office Ideas

Corner desk with sit-stand section; check availability and current best price on Amazon

Man cave office décor; start with the floor

Once the basics are sorted you’ll notice it doesn’t have the right feel yet, it’s still missing some soul.  

Start with the floor. If your man cave office space is in a spare room in the house it likely has some pretty basic carpet. By adding a dark classic floor rug , the vibe starts to move from drab to deluxe.

If your space is in the attic or in the garage you’ll probably need something a bit more robust.  Carpet tiles are a good affordable option. They’re not going to win any design awards but it beats an oil stained garage floor.

Wall art for a Man cave office

The walls are often overlooked but this is where sports memorabilia, framed posters or even industrial exposed brick wall decal can transform a space without taking up any room.

The wall art needs to be chosen to suit what you enjoy to make the space a man cave office you really want to spend time in eg.

  • Sports ; Memorabilia, team T-shirts, sports caps or mounted sports balls
  • Racing ; Posters
  • Travel : Maps, photography or landscapes of places you want to go
  • Cycling ; Put a bike mount on the wall to keep your favourite racing bike
  • Gardening : Install some narrow shelving with a few small plants to bring some life & greenery into the space
  • Hunting: mounts

If there isn’t a specific hobby or interest you want to feature, what vibe do you want your space to have?

  • Old school gaming with neon lights
  • Manhattan cool : style a narrow shelf with whiskey glasses and traditional ice bucket
  • Slick and professional ; keep the styling and colour to a minimum and add a simple framed abstract art work.

Man cave office ideas : Is the real deal a bit too much? Check out this matt black faux moose head on Amazon

Man Cave Office Organisation

Shelving and storage shouldn’t be overlooked, these keep your man cave office a space you want to keep coming back to rather than a cluttered mess.

Types of shelving and storage : 

  • Wall mounted hooks and peg boards; These are great for light items like cords, small stationary, headphones
  • Specialty wall mounts : Sports balls, bikes , caps & hats
  • Shelves : Store printers, cube boxes for small messy items
  • Drawers

Final Man Cave Office ideas to Set the Vibe

A couple of final man cave office ideas that can help set the vibe; paint and lighting

Paint can transform a space; a bold move that can take a room from cold and boring to feeling like a warm inviting bar is painting the ceiling. This creates an cosy vibe and envelopes the space. If you’re considering going bold with colour, this article takes a look at choosing paint colours and the effect it has on mood. 

Lighting also helps set the right mood. You’ll already have a main ceiling light so this factor can be easily overlooked. Having a couple of different light types is a good idea because this space is multifunctional so the lighting needs to support this.  At the desk, a good lamp with a cool tone bulb will help with alertness and focus. When it’s time to switch off the laptop and hang out with mates an additional floor lamp with a medium to low brightness bulb adds a warm mellow feel to the space. For some helpful tipe on lighting take a look at this article;  Lighting; How to get the Placement Right.