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Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas to Design Your Own Home

For your farmhouse bathroom ideas, it is better to select the floor tiles and wall decoration for it. You should keep in mind that these walls will be the face of your bathroom. So, it is better to choose the right type of design. The selection of wall tiles depends on your taste. If you are a creative person, you can make your own wall tiles or select farmhouse wall tiles on your own.

Once you have selected the designs for the walls and flooring, you need to select the paint and other accessories in accordance with your farmhouse bathroom ideas. If you want a traditional or old-world look, you can opt for natural stones. If you want a modern or contemporary look, you can go for modern or metallic coloured tiles.

The material used for your wall and floor tiles should be resistant to water. Natural stones like limestone, and marble are good options. Limestone is water-resistant. Similarly, marble can withstand water. However, they are not at all appealing to the eyes. So, if you want to give an old world feel to your small bathroom, you can use these two materials.

If you have limited budget, you can opt for another option to get your small bathroom remodeled. You can go for vintage-inspired bathrooms. These vintage-inspired bathrooms have the features of old-fashioned farmhouse bathrooms. Some popular ideas for this type of design are painted farmhouse tiles, vintage accessories, and rustic-style fixtures and fittings. You can get the idea from antique stores, magazines, and the internet.

Your walls and floor can be painted in white. Alternatively, you can use a color that compliments the other elements of your farmhouse, like the tiles and the furnishings. Another idea is to use white tiles on the walls and the floors. If your farmhouse has a large ceiling, you can match the tiles to the ceiling or else you can choose a different color for your wall. For the floor, you can choose between tile and concrete.

Glass mirrors and hanging wall sconces are a great addition to a farmhouse aesthetic. The ideas can incorporate farmhouse China hutch, ceramic pots, and vintage figurines. If you want to add more rustic feeling to your room, you can add wooden planters and baskets on the walls. The use of rustic-chic finishes will complement your ideas.

For an authentic country feel, you can add reds, oranges, and browns to your walls, tiles, and fixtures. You can also add vintage figurines or paintings to the walls. If you have open floor plans, you can add a country feel by using natural accessories like wicker baskets filled with fresh flowers, greens, and herbs. In addition, adding ceramic pots in colorful designs will give a country feel to your interior design. Your kitchen can also be enhanced by the use of ceramic pots and dishes on your counter tops.

To finish your interior design, you can use a contemporary sink vanity and high pedestal stand in your open storage style bathroom. The wall sconces and mirror cabinets will enhance the contemporary look. Lastly, if you want to create an open storage style bathroom, you should install a floor standing pot rack on one wall with matching soap dish on the other wall. This way, there will be enough storage space without overcrowding the room.

If you have an existing room that is not used for bathing, you can replace it with your own unique farmhouse style. You can install a new floor standing bathtub with or without a running water supply. You can choose from an open shelf, a wall sconce, and a wall mounted shelf. The most popular type of farmhouse style bathtubs are the clawfoot tub and the double shower. For an authentic look, you can incorporate a vintage shower curtain.

To finish your bathroom feeling like a cabin, you should add touches like stone flooring, rough woods, and rustic wood flooring. You can also use wooden floors, a polished concrete floor, and a rug for warmth. If you do not want to deal with the messy plumbing, you can use a sealed surface with built in jets. Another idea is to use a hot sauna to achieve the spa like feeling. Add a small fireplace and you will have the perfect country western or Native American feel.

If you like the idea of a white and rustic theme, you will have to select fixtures that have a whitewash look to them. These include a chandelier, candelabra, wall sconce, and framed mirror with painted white doors. You can use white hand railing and matching light fixtures. You can add a few touches like decorative pillows made of faux leather or suede.

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