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Guest Bathroom Ideas With an Industrial Style

Guest bathroom ideas are just like standard ones, just that they’re for the guest bathroom. A guest bathroom generally has small space available to it but it’s also where many of your guests get to take a picture of your stylish style without even spending too much on it! When remodeling one for your own use, you’ll have to come up with guest bathroom ideas that will make it useful and appealing for your guests as well as making your life easier! But before you do anything, make sure that you have already done your research. There are many ways you can incorporate the style that you love to the guest bathroom and still not sacrifice anything to fit your budget and your needs.

The first and one of the main guest bathroom ideas that you can implement to your shower is the lighting. Most showers have one type of lighting, either halogen or fluorescent, which makes it less than ideal if you want your bathroom to exude elegance and style. Instead, use light fixtures that either complement or contrast with your bathroom’s decor. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; rather, focus on simple ideas such as using crystal chandeliers instead of regular lighting in your shower.

Another of the great all-white guest bathroom ideas is to bring in natural materials like stone and wood. White marble tiles on the floors and walls of the shower would be a nice touch. Or maybe choose from all-white vinyl tiles that allow you to create an all-white theme throughout the rest of the bathrooms. If you do choose these tiles, though, be mindful of how shiny they are because shiny tiles are harder to keep clean than not shiny tiles.

Another idea that might not have been thought of before is to purchase inexpensive ceramic or porcelain tiles and put them on top of cheap glass tiles that you might have salvaged from a previous building project. These can be arranged in geometric designs that would make for a very welcoming look. Add some accessories like a vase of flowers (planted or real) and candles to give your guests a calming, luxurious feeling. Don’t forget to add in a trash can and newspaper on the counter for a quick trash pickup. This can be easily done ahead of time if you know what you’re going to buy so that you don’t waste any time during installation.

Other guest bathroom ideas include installing tiles over bare walls, even if the walls are already painted. Tiles will give you the opportunity to create an interesting contrast and enhance your wall color, without having to paint the walls first. If you’re planning on purchasing fabric items for your guest bath, stock up on plenty of towels, bars of soap, and lotions that are stain resistant and are also soft and absorbent.

If you want your guests to feel like they’ve truly been welcomed to your home, then you need to make sure that they have the right restroom accessories. Guest bathrooms should always have plenty of soap dispensers and towel racks, as well as a couple of shelves to keep cleaning products handy. Use towels and washcloths that are beautifully embroidered or hand-sewn to help make your guest bathroom ideas more impressive. It will be a good idea to purchase a nice mirror that can be placed above the vanity, as this will provide a wonderful view for those who are using the facilities.

Bathroom furniture should have plenty of shelving space for sponges, loofas, and towels. You’ll want to make sure that there’s plenty of cabinet space for storage as well. This is especially important if you’re purchasing new guest bathroom ideas that incorporate a steam shower into the design. It’s also a good idea to carefully consider the layout of the master bath, especially if it’s going to be a long tub. Make sure there’s plenty of room around each corner for the shower essentials, including hair dryers, towels, bath beads, and lotions.

Industrial style bathrooms might be the perfect choice if you’d like to add a unique touch to your guest bathroom ideas. These look great whether you have a regular shower or you’re constructing a cozy second bath. They also require less maintenance than many other styles, making them a practical alternative for busy homeowners. With so many different options in industrial design these days, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that suits your needs perfectly.