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low budget decorating ideas for living room

How to Create a Modern Living Room on a Budget

Low budget decorating ideas for living room spaces ….Sometimes you just don’t have the slightest idea of what to do, or how to achieve a stylish modern living room within your budget. The living room is where we spend so much of our time unwinding and socialising, and with increasing time being spent at home who wouldn’t want to upgrade their everyday java drinking spot (wine drinkers, I see you too!)

If you think it’s time to flare up your box set binging space, read on. We scoured around for hot tips on some modern living room on a budget ideas. Let’s delve right in.

Shopping Your Own Home For Ideas

Before blowing your budget on new pieces, check other rooms for items that could complement your living room space. Tuck away your fiver and head for the loft or garage and look for those reusable treasures.

Tip: Look at the décor pieces that you can’t bear to throw out but don’t use or are stuffed away in the back of a cupboard. What is it about that piece that doesn’t gel with your space? I have a big canvas artwork that I bought overseas, once I got it home and hung it up in my living room I quickly realised it looked better in the store. I’m planning to buy an affordable print and using my furniture staple gun to mount it onto the canvas myself.

DIY low budget decorating ideas for living room

Go Green

Never underestimate the power of plants. They remain to be among the best DIY low budget decorating ideas for living room spaces. They literally add life and color to your space, creating that wow factor as you walk in. Remember, always go for plants that are allergy-friendly to both children and pets.

We know that huge plants can sometimes be expensive. So, to give your room an impressive, fully-blown garden look, go for smaller plants arranging them at different height levels. Pot stands are great for adding height and impact to a small plant. Check out your local thrift store for bargain buys but pot stands can be picked up relatively cheap new.

Also, macramé pot hangers can also be used to add height to your plant display. These are great if you’re cautious of cluttering up the floor space. Get your craft on and try making one yourself, all you need is macramé twine and scissors.

Rearrange The Furniture

This may sounds boring but give it a try, re-arranging your space can give it a new energy and costs NOTHING!

Break away from the traditional routine – sofa pushed against the wall, coffee table in the middle, and the T.V on one end kind of thing. You don’t need to have a set layout in mind, pull everything out of place and just let yourself play with the design of the room.

Try out something new like pulling your seats away from the walls, decluttering the living room space to make it look a bit bigger, or incorporating an attractive piece of artwork to divert attention from your T.V. Achieving that modern living room on a budget can be this simple.

High Impact Paint Job

Paint is one of the highest impact ways to update a modern living room on a budget. Contrary to what many might think, it doesn’t always mean that you have to do a whole paint job. You could cut your expenses further by getting a small tin of your desired color and painting a section of the wall to enhance a feature, artwork or piece of furniture.

Use Removable Wallpaper

Well, if painting isn’t your cup of tea, we suggest you use removable wallpaper. Not only is wallpaper cheap, but you can also easily change them after a year or two and they are easy to install; just peel and stick. Apart from adding style, warmth, and depth to your living room space, they can last up to 15 years. An additional bonus, they are the perfect way to hide wall imperfections.

Decorate Your Walls with DIY Art

Are you tired of the conventional way of displaying pictures and photos? Fabric wall hangings and painting are the way to go. Hell, you don’t even need to spend money if you’ve got interesting fabrics you can upcycle from other furnishings like curtains and throws. Get in touch with your inner artistic self and be amazed at what you can accomplish.

For a super simple way to make your own wall art take a look at Beautifully Candid’s framed wall paper art in How to Update Your Living Room on a Budget.

Ever thought about trying Macramé? You don’t need to try anything advanced, these dip-dye string wall hangings are straight forward and high impact. All you need is cotton yarn and dye.

low budget decorating ideas for living room

Alternatively, hit the flea market or a garage sale for some graphic art and cool, retro photos. Remember, overdoing it can lead to clutter and lack of direction. Go for a few high impact pieces to make a statement.

It’s among the best low budget decorating ideas for living room space that has withstood the test of time. It’s a cheap way of filling your living room walls, giving it much-needed personality. To stray away from the typical family and holiday photo spread try record covers or old posters.

low budget decorating ideas for living room
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Add Pillows and Throws

Pillows are a sure-fire way of adding flair to the scheme of things. For instance, you could cover your sofa with a throw followed by a couple of pillows to achieve a different look, try experimenting with a variety of fabric textures in similar shades. You could do this for under $30, especially if your handy in the sewing machine department. Furthermore, you have the liberty to swap them out for a different look regularly.

Cushions come in different sizes, colors, textures, and shapes. They remain to be the most versatile of soft furnishings.

Layer up a variety of cushions; it could be all your living room space needs to freshen up.

Mix up the Lighting

Updating your living room lighting doesn’t have to break the bank. Too much excess light may lead to eye strain, making you shy away from your space. For tips on getting the lighting right, check out this post for more on lighting.

For soft layered light incorporate table and floor lamps, positioning them strategically at different heights. You’ll ultimately create different soothing pools of light that’ll enhance your mood.

Go Bold On a Few Furnishings

Creating a modern living room on a budget can be achieved by incorporating a few statement pieces. There’s no need to overhaul your whole furniture set. Just get one or two pieces of furniture with high-impact fabric finishes or color. It will make your living room pop out.

To keep to your budget, try finding second hand furniture that has character and re-upholster with a new eye catching fabric. Think dark emerald green velvet or a bold modern print.

modern living room on a budget
Use bold fabrics to create a statement piece of furniture.
modern living room on a budget_upholstery staple gun
Re-Upholster tired furniture instead of replacing to make over your living room on a budget.

Another area to take advantage of is your curtains. Sometimes, it gets hard to notice that curtains gather dust or fade over time. Changing them once in a while by incorporating brightly colored ones does the trick in sprucing up your space.

If you’re going for a modern look consider completely removing fabric curtains and install subtle stream lined roller blinds. These are very affordable and easy to install if you have a drill.

As we cap it off…

Re-designing a modern living room on a budget is quite possible if armed with a few hacks and a couple of great ideas. And no need to break the bank either on expensive home decor. With the above tips I hope that you’ll be able to create the perfect and serene setting you’ve been craving.

Start with something small and continue to tweak your space. We’d love to hear about your experiences.