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summer living room décor 2021 rug

Summer Living Room Décor 2021

As summer roles around many of us are inspired to inject that renewed energy feel into our homes. Transform your living room with light uplifting colour, organically inspired textures and fun summer furnishings.

Liven up your living room with “outside the box” decor and design accessories. Using more organic accessories is on trend this summer season. Update your living room this year by inviting the outdoors in with natural materials.

For the summer season, there are a myriad of room decorating ideas including new finishes, layering textures, adding pops of colour to a neutral pallet and practical tips for a stylish but practical space. You won’t need to overhaul your whole living room, with these tips you can add seasonal accents  that can be swapped out easily.

Let’s dive into summer living room decor 2021 themes that will transform your space:

Organic Living Room Inspiration for Summer

An organically inspired living room consists of natural materials like wood, hemp, jute, and cotton. Your pieces could include earthy tones and unique handcrafted items. One example that lets your organic interior design flair shine is coffee tables created from tree stumps. These can be simple DIY coffee tables from treated tree trunks or glass topped tree roots for an high impact centre piece.

summer living room décor 2021 coffee table
Tree root coffee table : Amazon
summer living room décor 2021 accessories
Tree trunk pedestal table: Amazon

Round or hexagonal coffee tables are great for improving the flow of a room, these anchor the space and are great for small living rooms.

In 2021, a living room designed with a modern organic feature is a symbol of aesthetic cleanliness with simple lines that exemplifies a summer design. Organic furnishings during the summer evokes a feel and a look of being cool and comfortable.

In addition to the naturalness of wood, other organic accents within the living room can include decorative features such as stone, leather, linen, and burnished metal. Incorporating a curved contemporary sofa or chairs provides feelings of airiness, sophistication, and a sense of freedom. Choose furniture that features simple, curved lines.


To save money, look at your current living room furnishings. What can you do to repurpose the look of your living room during the summer? Giving new life to old furnishings can be one of the most rewarding ways to do this, you’re saving money and saving that piece from going to landfill. For example ….

Replace the Boob lights!

Do you have ‘Boob lights’ throughout your home? You know the ones, they were stock standard in the 90s and clearly chosen by a man. These often give off a dull, flat light. While it would be best to replace these, there are a couple of great DIY hacks to make them more modern. . Replacing or hiding these with a light coloured drum shade or wood beaded light fitting is a great way to add summer vibes to your living room.

summer living room décor 2021 light
Hide dated light fittings with this DIY hack from Berta Lily at hometalk.com
summer living room décor light
Light shade upgrade; image credit Buzzfeed.com

Also, to let more natural light in, swap out heavy fabric drapes with bamboo shades. These are simple and cost effective.

Swap out the Winter Rug

Another way to add natural materials to your living room is by swapping out plush rugs that are better suited for winter warmth with a jute rug or runner. Instead of buying one large matt for the room try layering a few smaller ones with slightly different designs.

You want to make sure that the rug is big enough to tuck under chairs and sofas. Floor rugs bring together all the furnishings and create a defined space, making your room look bigger and wider.

summer living room décor 2021 rug
Layer floor rugs in different sizes : Amazon

All the natural décor and organic fibers can lead to a very gentle colour pallet. If this is too tame for your liking liven up the space with a splash of colour by adding an assortment of decorative pillows. Carefully select only one or two bright accent colours. Layer pillows to give the living room couch and chairs a new life.

Try and include some patterned fabrics, like the geometric floor rug above. Or taupe and cream for a more sophisticated touch. Fabrics are an essential factor in making a living room feel warm and inviting.


Consider decorating with real or faux plants in the living room. Plants are considered a vital part of organic modernism. Adding plants as a focal and decorative feature into your living room is also good for creating a calm atmosphere.

Decorative plants in woven baskets and in a variety of symmetrical pots and planters add color and character to your living room. These decorative plant collections add a sculptural element to the room for the summer.

The summer season is a great time to refresh your home. There is something about decorating for the summer that brings renewed energy to your space. Bring the bright, sunny summer days indoors! Although trends and style are fun, the desired result of a living room makeover should always feel calming and inviting.

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