How to Update Your Living Room on a Budget

Update living room on a budget

Updating your living room doesn’t have to be expensive. Get crafty and create your own decor, refresh your current furniture or cover up with throws and cushions rather than replace.

Try your hand at creating your own unique art.

Make your DIY craft look professional in a simple affordable frame. This doesn’t have to be complicated and one of the benefits of doing this is that the colours can be matched perfectly to your decor. 

You don’t have to be artistic or stock up on art supplies, the clever art below by Beautifully Candid is simply framed wallpaper.

cheap easy diy wall art
Decorate the walls with framed wall paper.
Image credit : Beautifully Candid

Layer throw rugs & cushions rather than replacing your sofa.

The style of the room can be completely transformed by adding a single contrasting colour and adding cushions in a range of textures in different shades and sizes.

Update living room on a budget
Add accessories in a contrasting colour with a range of textures to
update your living room.
Update your living room with cushions
These faux leather and canvas throw cushions can be used to
style a boho themed living room or farmhouse themed room.

How to Drape a Throw Rug on a Couch

1. Relaxed & Carefree

For small throws lay them outstretch over the back and armrest of the sofa allowing some gentle folds. Don’t stretch it out like your trying to hide the sofa!

For larger throws and blankets roughly fold them in half first then arrange across one end of the couch and let it drape to the floor.

how to arrange throws and cushions on a sofa
Handmade pompom blanket available on Etsy by Malika of
Marrake Shopping.

If you have a chaise or daybed lay bunch up the throw lengthways and lay diagonally.

Throw blanket on couch ideas

2. Folded, Prim & Proper

Fold the throw into half or thirds and lay over the arm rest or back of the sofa. This is a good way to show off a throw with tassels, have them hanging down over the armrest or facing outwards on the backrest of the couch.

3. Furnishings Basket

This is easy and practical, just use a feature basket to sling the throw rugs in. Add to the theme of the room by using a straw woven basket or metallic geometric basket.

Throw rug basket
Try a cotton rope storage basket for
storing throw blankets and cushions.

Make your own TV cabinet by giving a second hand piece of furniture a facelift

It’s awesome what some sand paper and a tin of paint can do!

This upcycled TV cabinet was a covid lockdown project for two sisters in the UK.  They sanded back the cabinet, painted and used two $2 seagrass matts from Bunnings to create rattan look doors.

Add plants & DIY grass mat pot covers

On the topic of $2 seagrass door mats, this is one of my favourite hacks that I’ve personally attempted for my lounge room. These beautiful bohemian planter covers are crafted by Alicia Curtis, she uses jute string for threading the doormats together and creating tassels.

Adding plants to the living room literally brings the space to life

The most wonderfully neglect-proof plants are succulents. They come in deep greens to light blues and red and require minimal water or care. I also love devils ivy, pop a cutting in a jar of water and just let it do its thing!

Both succulents and devils ivy can be easily propigated so if you have a neighbor or friend ask for a cutting.

Once your cutting is established you can propagate more for zero cost!

Ways to update your living room on a budget
Seagrass pot plant cover for updating your living room on a
Side tables to update lounge room on a budget
Wood look side table

Add a stylish and handy coffee table 

Liven up a plain living room with stylish side tables. They are practical and compact so they’re good for apartments with limited space. A larger coffee table would obstruct the flow of the room.

For more interior design inspiration, take a look at our Top 4 Interior Design Trends for 2021.

Living Room Ideas on a Budget That You Can Use

Living Room Ideas on a Budget That You Can Use

Living Room Ideas on a Budget That You Can Use

Living room ideas on a budget doesn’t mean that you will have to choose inferior items to spruce up the look of your home. It simply means that you will be looking for some bargains to keep the price tag down and to make the most of what you already have in your home. When you are buying living room ideas on a budget, you need to know how much you have to spend. If you have a big furniture budget, this is one area where you should stick to your plan, and where you should make compromises. Otherwise, you could end up with things that you really don’t need or would just look tacky.

Living Room Ideas
Living Room Ideas

One of the most obvious living room ideas on a budget is to choose wall hangings and artwork that you can live with, instead of having to throw out and replace everything else. This will free up some cash, which you can use to pay for other items. Another living room idea on a budget is to choose flooring and wallpaper that will match your interior design. You don’t have to go all out, and there are plenty of beautiful options that are affordable.

When you are looking for living room ideas on a budget

another thing you can do is to keep the clutter to a minimum. If you can be honest with yourself about how much clutter you actually have in your home, then you will be able to determine a budget for yourself. Take inventory of every piece of furniture in your living room, now mark off how much you actually have and make sure you have enough of it. There is nothing more frustrating than having a beautiful living room, and having tons of useless clutter in it.

Another idea for living room on a budget is to ask your friends and family for donations of items that they no longer want. I recently received a tip from reader JoAnne from Australia who was moving into a new house. She had asked her friends and family for donations of items, such as old CD’s, DVD’s, pictures frames, etc. Many of them were able to donate large amounts of items that JoAnne could live without, and put them up for sale on Craigslist.

The most important rule when it comes to living room ideas on a budget is that you should never have everything. Once you have determined that you have enough of everything, you can then decide where to get cheap items. My mother-in-law sells her furniture on an online auction site every Sunday morning. The other day she had a stack of VHS tapes sitting on her dresser. She was only $5.00 dollars! That is such a steal!

There are also plenty of cheap living room ideas on a budget that involve giving away items you might not normally use. For example, my brother-in-law has a radio that he has gotten for about 20 years. He no longer listens to it, but sometimes his friends and I will listen to it while we are in bed or waiting for something to heat up on our coffee table. So instead of throwing it away, I have been thinking of donating it to someone who would really benefit from it. We have several living room items that are now going to a good charity.

One living room ideas on a budget that we recently implemented was having flowers delivered to our home with a pretty card. Instead of having the flowers sent to another house, we have the flowers delivered to us and even have guests bring their own flower petals for us. It has really saved us money over the last year or so. This has also helped us save on our grocery bill as well. There are so many living room ideas on a budget that we now rarely buy any new furniture, because we now know how to recycle.

In conclusion, remember to do some research when you start your list making sure that you are not throwing out good quality items for very cheap prices. Also, have a look at some ideas on a budget that you find on the internet. Some of these may be more suitable for your home than others, so make sure that you choose one that you can be happy with for a long time. There are plenty of living room ideas on a budget that you can use and implement!