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Hello, guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey but, before we explain anything, you can obviously hear that our voices are dead. – Are dead. Listen. – Listen. (high pitched squeals) – Pretty awful. – Ok, now that we have that out of the way, today our video is gunna be on our bedroom tour! Our brand new bedroom tour. And we have a special announcement to go along with that. Do you wanna say? – We designed our own bedding! We got obsessed with this bedding company called Beddy’s cuz it has, like, zippers and it’s super cool.

So, there’s one for Brooklyn and then one for Bailey and they’re both super cute but totally different ‘cuz you guys know we are not alike. – No. Not at all. And we just organized our room according to the bedding, to make it all come together. – Yes. – And we’re super excited to show you. – So, let’s go. – Welcome to my space. So, with my old room, I kind of felt like it was more, like, blah. Like really adult-ish. So, this time, I was like, I really want, like, lots of color and some personality. So, with this wall, it was, like, creative Jenny from ShowMeCute came in And, it’s kind of like, blown up teenager on this wall.

Sunglasses and Converse, and, obviously, Texas is one of my major things of my personality. And Y’ALL over here. I say that, like, a bunch and all the time so, it’s just perfect. And then just printed off some pictures and hung some sunglasses and voila! We have a teenager blow up wall. (rock music) And then we have this little lovely couch which, we have had this grey couch in our old room. And then we threw on this fur throw from World Market which, it totally made it match the bedroom way better.

And then these pillows. And a lovely table that we got from Ikea. And then, let’s not forget about this awesome rug that we got from Haiti. And now my favorite part about the bedroom which is the bedding. So, I designed my bedding like this because Brooklyn and I, kind of, wanted to do our personalities in our bedding. So, I have lots of girly stuff in there, like ruffles and flowers and polka dots and teal. So, it’s really girly and the name of the bedding is Always Enchanting which totally brings out the girlyness. And, so, to explain, if you want to buy the bedding, you’ll get this cover on top of the mattress, and you’ll get this sham on the pillow, and then a pillow case that’s, like, this teal polka dot. But you will not get this blanket on top, which is a pom pom blanket from Target. And then you won’t get these three pillows either but they’re a separate set you can buy, if you want to. So, there is a zipper on the side that unzips the top layer of the bedding. So, it’s basically a blanket, but it’s like a zip-on blanket.

So, you can sleep with the blanket on top of you and then, when you get out of bed, you don’t have to fold up the blankets and anything crazy like that. You can just, like, zip up the blanket and your bed is made. The teenager’s dream. Lazy teenager’s dream, right here. So, that’s basically the whole gist of the bed and, I almost forgot, we have a coupon code which is “BandB”, if you guys wanna buy the bedding. It will take 50 dollars off! There ya go! It will be in the description box. Make sure you check that out and yeah! – Welcome to my side of the room. This is the middle and then this is my half, with all brand new decorations.

And this is the dresser. It’s from Overstock. It originally had different knobs, but we switched them out to, kind of, match the colors of the room. And then we have this lamp, wonderful lamp, from Target. And then there’s the hello painted on the wall. That was painted by our good friend Jenny from ShowMeCute. And the glasses, I keep wanting to say sunglasses, but really they’re just glasses. They’re based off of my glasses since I have glasses that look just like those because, in reality, I’m actually pretty blind. I can’t see anything. And, then, onto the B & B on the wall, as you can see. We had to put it in order because Brooklyn and Bailey so mine has to be more, like, edgy, and chic and Bailey’s has to be more, you know, cutesy. And this is all from Michael’s. The B & B is from Michael’s. My favorite part is my bedding. My favorite place in the room it’s my favorite thing in the room. It’s, you know, it’s just happiness right here.

And, as you can see, mine’s a little bit bolder and darker than Bailey’s. The big florals on here made it, kind of, girly but also, you know, a little street chic. And then I threw on this, like, triangular design because I thought it was a little bit more edgy. Which is why I named my bedset Totally Unexpected as you can see on this pillow. It’s Totally Unexpected. It’s a combination of a whole bunch of designs and all sorts of colors just all thrown together to make this super adorable bed. The bedding here comes with this sham, this floral sham, and this triangular pillow case. I don’t know. Can you see it? It’s over there. Right behind the white one. And then these three pillows, right here, are sold separately. And this white one is sold at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Throw blanket is from Target and the bins are from Target. And, to show that it’s an official Brooklyn & Bailey design, on this pillow, or these pillows I guess, there is our Brookly & Bailey logo, right here. It’s beautiful. So, I’m gunna explain, kind of, how this bedding works. Obviously, you can see that it just easily tucks underneath the mattress like a fitted sheet. And then, over here, you can see that, when I flip it up, it’s like combining your blanket, your sheet, and your comforter, all together in one giant thing. (upbeat, happy music) Obviously, I love that I don’t have a comforter that’s hanging over, hiding my baskets down here.

But, if you do need something to cover the bottom of your bed, there are bed skirts you can buy with both of these bed sets. At the end of my bed, you might recognize these skates. Bailey and I did a little photo shoot with them for fun. I mean, it was super fun. And then I have my guitar, which I got for Christmas. And we just recycled our old mirror. We just glammed it up with these flowers, over here. They’re paper. Camry made them and Jenny made them. – Ok, if you guys liked our bedding, we will put a link to the Beddy’s website – Down below and and a coupon code! – Yes, a coupon code! (imitates electric guitar sounds) Coupon code! – And then, wait what we were gunna say something? Oh, yeah! If you like our bedroom, give this video a thumbs up.

I like it so I would give it, like, a triple thousand thumbs up. – Yes. – Yes. And, also, comment below on who’s bedding you liked better. – [Bailey] Definitely mine. – [Brooklyn] Mine. Mine’s so much more– – I don’t know why you even try. It’s not even a comparison. Mine will always– – I’m street chic. – So much prettier. – No, you’re girly, I’m street chic. – I’m just kidding. I like them both. I don’t know about you. But done! Bye! – Adios! (upbeat, happy music).

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