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Great Living Room Designs

Living room designs are all about sectioning a living room into different sections, often with different themes running through them. You can also break up a large living room design into more intimate segments by grouping together areas such as a seating area for the children, a reading nook for the older kids and even a cozy spot for the adults to read their favorite books. There are many options available when it comes to grouping living room areas. You can go for a grouping that makes the most sense to you or, if you are feeling particularly creative, you can make up your own grouping. The key is making sure that each area connects to the next.

Living room designs

If you want to group traditional style living room designs together, you should consider going with a dark and heavy wood color for the walls and baseboards. Add some contemporary art on the walls and, if you would like to add some contemporary art into the mix, make sure it is in a bright color. Bright colors and bold designs tend to be more popular with modern decorating styles than traditional design styles. You might also want to consider using white and bright colors for the flooring in the living room design so that the focus is on the bright colors throughout the room. This is especially helpful if you have a bright light bulb in the ceiling and want the room to reflect that light.

One of the most common living room designs these days tends to be the mid-century modern style, also known as the Bauhaus style. This style tends to have a very clean and geometric feel to it and one of the most popular elements of the Bauhaus style is the sofa. Sofas are often chosen to run along the walls of the living room, which helps to create a very clean line. Many people choose to put a coffee table on top of their sofa or on one of the side tables so that they can even use the couch as a footrest.

The living room designs that follow the Bauhaus style generally use larger and heavier pieces of furniture than other types of designs. These larger pieces of furniture are often in dark woods and leather fabrics. In addition, you will often see side tables in the living area that are glass in color or white. Some of these side tables can even be called coffee tables, which helps them blend in with the rest of the living room furnishings but still add some interest.

Mid-century modern homes often use lighter colored walls and lighter colored furniture. If you are decorating one of these homes, you will want to think about keeping your sofa in the middle of the room and your wall tables near the doorway. Having the sofa in the middle will help it blend into the walls but keep the wall furniture, especially the end tables, out of sight.

Characteristics of Contemporary: Many modern living rooms are designed with rounded edges and light wood panels. You will find the use of color throughout the room in solid colors like ivory, chocolate and teal. The use of bright colors and sharp contrasts is also common in contemporary designs. The walls will be painted a neutral color or a color that is slightly darker than the floor covering.

Country: In the country style you will find the use of wood paneling throughout the home. This style is often decorated with furniture that is fashioned from logs. You may also see the use of painted wood floors. These types of designs are not formal and the furniture is not fitted with legs. As a result, country designs will often have a relaxed laid back feel to them.

Coastal: In coastal settings, the use of heavy timber furniture and warm colors create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. When used as a decorating style the Coastal style can be quite elegant. Colors used in coastal design will tend to be more natural and less harsh than those used in other styles. You can get coastal contemporary and coastal, traditional designs both painted and unpainted.