Come Clean With Your Laundry

As I said before, I’ve been riding since 2004, and in that short, yet action packed time, I’ve learned a lot of things. The wall behind the washer and dryer usually has about sixty four square feet of available storage space.

When it comes to flooring your kitchen, the material you choose will determine a number of things such as the comfort, the ease of cleaning, the durability and the difficulty of maintaining it. Knowing what alternatives you have will help you keep your floor looking fresh and new.

Studies show that 1 in 6 homes were invaded in 2010. That has increased because of the state of our economy and the increase in the use of drugs. And these statistics are not likely to go down in the near future. Most of these burglaries involve stealing things that can be easily pawned for quick money.

Luckily, they dropped my purse in the side yard and nothing was lost. But they took my husband’s business lap top. He had just finished a presentation and it was stored on it. We never saw it again. When the police got there, we told them what happened. They mentioned the odd sickening sweet smell of almonds. As it turned out, that is what one of the hard drugs smells like. I’m not sure which one it was because I’m not that familiar with drugs. I just remember the smell lasted all day.

With a 12-pound capacity, this washing machine can fit denim as well as numerous towels in a single load. Most compact washers have a tendency to tangle your clothing, which can damage the integrity of their fabrics. The bottom of this washer actually pulsates, which keeps your laundry from tangling into each other.

Check the emergency switch. The indoor unit should have a switch, usually with a red switch plate, near the unit. It could be on the unit itself, on the wall next to it or near the stairs to the basement / attic. Some houses have more than one switch, so look around. Friends, family or the housekeeper could have turned it off accidentally especially when the unit is in a Put some tape on the switch to prevent this mistake.

Other stuff: Mary Hobbs is a very comfortable dorm. It’s quite homey and resembles a bed and breakfast more than a dormitory. It’s generally a quieter, calmer dorm, with less of a party reputation. Not that the people who live there don’t party, they just usually go somewhere else to do it. The front porch is a nice place to hang out: it’s big with a nice porch swing on it. And from certain rooms you can get onto the roof. The Greenleaf is the coffee coop in the basement, which has all kinds of drinks, including fair trade coffee, and snacks. They also tables to sit at and couches to relax on. Sometimes they have live music or other shows there. If you love coffee, tea, and other drinks of that nature, Mary Hobbs might be a good place for you.

So one of the best things you can do to spruce up both the look and feel of your laundry room is to add touches of light and bright colors. Try painting the trim in a soft yellow or pastel tone for example, or experiment with bright primary colors such as green and blue.

Our next chapter will include what some call due diligence. Others may call it the disclosure period. Whatever you want to call it, make sure that you read this chapter carefully. It may save you many headaches.
Your laundry room can become your new artists pallet. Since space is limited in my laundry room, I use the tops of my washing machine and dryer to fold clothes on. It will also help the clothes dryer operate efficiently.
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