A Guide To Bathroom Decorating That Will Transform Your Space

For renters, you are somewhat limited in what you can do. I had gotten it completely renovated, changing the toilet, sink and shower, not to mention removing the tiles. If you have dark flooring, try replacing it with white or light colored tiles.

It may not always seem important, but the bathroom is a part of the home that everyone spends time in. And even though it’s not the main focus of the home, you do want the bathroom to reflect the decor and overall style of the rest of your house. Whether it’s a guest bathroom or the master bathroom, you want anyone who enters it to feel peaceful, pampered, and in a place of luxury. Here are some bathroom home decor tips.

The http://homedecordesign.info that can help you get a bigger-looking bathroom is to tone down the color of your walls or to use a wallpaper that has a simple design. To make any room of the house look bigger, paint your solid walls with light colors. To add the illusion of height, you should also cover the ceiling with white paint. To add even more area to your bathroom, you can also employ white trimmings. Maintain the room’s light and fresh feel by sticking to colors that are light and airy.

You can change the color and design of the waste basket, or soap dispenser. My wife changes these with the seasons – like the wreaths on the front door. It’s amazing how much these little items change the overall look of the bathroom.

Always keep your bathroom clean and clutter free. Keep the clutter off the counter. Find a hiding place for your brushes, cologne, make-up, hair products, etc. It looks good to no one to walk in and see piles of make-up on one side of the sink, medicine bottles and hairspray on the other, dirty clothes on the floor, and an over-flowing waste basket. And if you have chosen that to be your theme.you should choose another. Oh.most importantly.keep the toilet sparkling and the TP on the TP holder. What good does the empty cardboard roll do for you or your guests? Don’t just leave the new roll on the back of the toilet and wait for a guest to do your work for you. Remember, guests don’t just see the living room and kitchen.they also see the bathroom, so keep it clean and clutter free.

Look for rusted tools, bottles, and figurines to put on any shelves you may have. In addition, look for prints of tractors, chickens, checkered designs, fruits, farm animals, etc, to put in frames. You can also look for antique frames to put your print finds in. You may need to buy new glass for the frames if the antique glass is too foggy.

Just about every kid loves the ocean – even brothers and sisters can agree on this. So why not have an underwater explorer theme. Start your walls off with a nice shade of aqua. Why not paint the ceiling aqua too? Once again, you can decorate the walls with decals. On the internet you can decals that border on being cartoonish to completely realistic. Imagine a life-like 5 foot long great white on your bathroom wall. That’ll wake you up in the morning!

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Your shower curtains need not be the same old and plain color of your bathroom wall. Often, it’s the more commonly used areas such as living rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms. Quit forgetting about or putting off the bathroom decoration.
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